Naperville Councilman John Krummen Shoots An Air Ball

You would think that a Naperville city councilman knows the city quite well including the locations of buildings, landmarks, businesses, bars, restaurants, schools and much more. Apparently this is not the case with Naperville councilman John Krummen.

Krummen likes to begin Naperville city council meetings with information that is usually interesting but not necessarily accurate. Take for example the last council meeting on March 15, when councilman Krummen announced the following:


Benet googleBack-to-back girls basketball State Championships for Benet High School is a tremendous accomplishment indeed, however Krummen shot an air ball when he said “we have another state champion in the city”. The city of Naperville doesn’t because Benet High School is located in Lisle, Illinois.

We may have to give Krummen the benefit of doubt if he knows something the rest of us don’t know, which could be that Naperville is annexing Lisle. However when Lisle city officials were contacted, the idea of annexing Lisle was considered premature. When asked if they were willing to trade Benet High School for Naperville’s smart meters, they said only if Naperville would include the Riverwalk.

It was suggested that councilman Krummen may want to purchase a map, and/or take a look at Naperville and Lisle from an elevated perspective.

If Krummen had been on the city council between 2006 and 2011, he could have announced more state championships for the City of Naperville when the Bolingbrook high school girls team won four state championships during that time.

Saturday night, the Benet boys high school basketball team played for the state championship. Though Chicago Curie won the game, it could be another possible state champion announcement by Krummen for Naperville. On a map, Chicago is only two inches from Naperville; that’s close enough.

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