Mayor Chirico Calls, But Councilman Coyne Doesn’t Answer

The Naperville city council had an opportunity to change the date of their Tuesday March 15 meeting, which was Super Tuesday on the primary calendar, but they decided to keep the date even though the State of Illinois was one of those primary states.

Councilman Kevin Coyne brought the topic up for discussion, mentioning he favored the move, but when it came time to vote, it was unanimous to keep the date as planned. Ironically even Coyne voted not to change the meeting date.

That didn’t stop councilman Coyne from apparently letting his mind wander during the meeting. Watch and listen as Mayor Steve Chirico calls upon Coyne to make a motion, and Coyne is caught being a spectator (second from the left):

It’s possible Coyne was focusing on primary results, maybe looking for high school basketball super-sectional scores, paying some bills online, or catching up with the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Coyne is not the only person who hasn’t answered a call:

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