Naperville’s Campaign Election 2015

A week from today, we should know the results of this year’s municipal election. With 23 candidates running, four for mayor and 19 for city council, there could be some narrow margins for those who get elected and those who don’t, and for those council members elected to four year terms, and those elected to two year terms.

Just about all the candidates have said this is a very important election, since every council position is up for grabs. Unfortunately most of the questions that were asked to candidates, were softball questions, which resulted in canned, typical, scripted, politically correct responses; no Shark Tank questions.

Fortunately enough candidate information was available to separate the top candidates, from the bottom candidates, but nobody, other than mayoral candidate Steve Chirico really separated himself from the crowd. Chirico did this by starting his campaign very early, and once started, his campaign never took the foot off the accelerator. It was a very well-run, efficient campaign with a definite purpose at each step. There didn’t appear to be any mis-steps.

Candidate campaign signs seemed to blend in together. At first there were just a few campaign signs on a street corner, and now there seems to be a forest of signs at many street corners. Enough of them, that none of them stand out, until today, when I saw a sign that really stood out.

It was at the northwest corner of Bailey and Oxford, between Naper and Washington. I did a double take when I saw it, and I thought ‘did I really just see that’. I turned around to make sure what I saw was correct, and sure enough it was. It was a professionally-done campaign sign with the name ‘Krause’ on it, and a diagonal line from lower-left to upper right was professionally drawn through the name ‘Krause’. Much like any other sign where the diagonal line means ‘no’.

I decided to park and take a picture of it for this posting, but by the time I parked and walked back to get a good picture, the sign was gone. Just like that, it had disappeared. The sign worked. It caught my attention, and obviously the attention of the person who removed it. Finally a sign that separated itself from all the others, not because it had Krause’s name on it, but because it was ‘original’, at least to my eyes.

As I drove to my destination, I tried to remember other signs or slogans that were original, and I thought of two, “I Like Ike” (President Dwight Eisenhower), and “My man Mitch” (Indiana governor Mitch Daniels, 2005 – 2013).

I thought if I ever ran for office, the first thing I would do is change my name to Ike or Mitch and plaster signs all over the place. Then after getting elected, I would change my name back to Bob.

There’s nothing catchy about ‘Bob’ other than the movie “What About Bob”, or the fact that ‘Bob’ can be spelled forward or backward and still be the same. However, if I ran against a guy named ‘Otto’, my advantage would be erased. I then reached my destination which wasn’t a sign or printing shop.

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  1. Concerned Naperville Citizen

    What’s your point with condoning/applauding a negative campaign poster? Most of the time I agree with Watchdog’s comments. Regarding your recent comments dealing with the upcoming election, not so much. In fact, I find them strangely slanted towards one candidate in particular. And that makes me wary and uncomfortable.

    May the best man/woman win, not for how much money they have to throw at their campaign, but for the good they will do for our town.

  2. Gerard H Schilling

    And crony capitalistic money continues to buy the best government available for the crooks and political hacks. Vote Krause to limit the damage done by these thugs.

  3. Lisa Flanagan

    I will vote Krause for the simple fact that Chirico thinks people who file Freedom of of Information Act requests are abusing the system. People have the right to know how government is is functioning and also to know when officials are not doing their jobs or are behaving in an unethical manner. Sad that we need to do it. Guess what? Its the law. Guess what else? Naperville is not compliant. Guess what else? Naperville officials don’t seem to care because they know its low possibility that anyone would litigate. How ’bout act ethically and do the right thing rather than worry about litigation? I bet the city isn’t reducing their exposure as much as they think they are.

  4. Lisa Flanagan

    Well, I guess we are stuck with a Mayor who thinks that government activity should be secret from the residents then.

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