Watchdog’s Endorsements For Naperville City Council

Nine days and counting until the municipal election for the Naperville city council (April 7) and 35 days until the new council is sworn-in and officially in position (May 3).

It’s possible that all nine members of the city council could be new in position; either new as a council member, or new in position as mayor. Watchdog endorsed Steve Chirico for mayor a few weeks ago, and now comes Watchdog’s eight endorsements for members of the city council.

19 candidates are running for office and the top eight vote-getters will be elected to the council, with the top four serving a four-year term to the council, and the following four vote-getters serving two-year terms.

Watchdog’s endorsements, with a short comment, for four-year terms (top four vote-getters) include in alphabetical order:

Becky Anderson

Long-time downtown merchant, life long resident, very opinionated, well organized, seeks creative solutions, drives change, and manages execution.

Rebecca Boyd-Obarski

Open-minded, good listener, demonstrates accountability, communicates effectively and respectfully, organized, intelligent, well-connected, and an excellent speaker.

Bill Eagan

CFO for Hinsdale Schools, demonstrates courage, started referendum campaign for districts vs at-large representation, thinks critically, Naperville Parks Commissioner, and an outstanding communicator.

Joe McElroy

Incumbent city council member, public policy consultant, thinks critically, builds trust, open-minded, and brings high-level of common sense to the dais.


Watchdog’s endorsements for two-year terms (top five through eight vote-getters) include in alphabetical order:

Kevin Coyne

Attorney narrowly edged out in last election, well-organized, smart, served on Naperville commissions for eight years, reasonable, highly competent, manages execution, and respectfully drives change.

Patty Gustin

Plan Commission Chair, open-minded, maximizes relationships, good listener, consensus builder, and real estate expertise.

Robert Hajek

Focus on fiscal accountability, cautious and conservative approach, builds trust, drives change, knows how to close a deal.

Steve Peterson

Local business person, smart, successful, energetic, understands what it takes to build a business, seeks realistic solutions, manages performance, promotes fiscal responsibility.


City council candidates falling short of Watchdog endorsement include in alphabetical order:

Judy Brodhead

Incumbent, her contribution to city council has been immanently forgetful, basically an empty seat.

John Colletti

Willing to work 25 hours per week on the council, but what happens when 26 hours are needed. Too limiting with flexibility.

Wayne Floegel

Nice guy, easy going, but lacking necessary energy and passion.

Dick Furstenau

Professes to promote fiscal responsibility, but involved city with an expensive law suit and costing residents huge loss in tax dollars.

Kevin Gallagher

Former council member. It’s time to bring in the new, and not reach back for the past. Motivation not a strength.

Paul Hinterlong

Incumbent, conspiring against business (Uber) to keep them out of town, nice guy but doesn’t think before making foolish statements.

John Krummen

Ran twice previously resulting in being among the lowest vote-getters, ambassador for the ill-advised smart meters.

Nancy Marinello

Attorney and arbitrator for public utility board. The council needs fewer attorneys and more business representation.

H. Tom O’Hale

Objected to the Smart Meter Referendum, what more needs to be said.

Stephen Purduski

Computer engineer and democrat, score one point for, and one point against. Plans on working on city issues for a minimum of 8 hours per week which is not very reassuring.

Dave Wentz

Incumbent, attorney, never made a satisfactory explanation for tax issue, “do you know who I am” mindset not inviting.


This municipal election is a huge opportunity for Naperville residents and business alike to take an enormous step forward for the future of Naperville. Every vote counts.

With a new mayor in position for the first time in 20 years, he will need all the help and expertise available from the new Naperville city council to move Naperville on a steady course for success.

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  1. Following from afar

    Becky Anderson? Are you daft? She is a HUGE Democrat. As in she’s hosted fundraisers for Dick Durbin at her house huge. Why do you think she loves being on the SECA board? She gets to hand out taxpayer money to everyone!

    And Joe McElroy? Has he ever done anything that staff has not told him to do? He is only slightly better than Brodhead. Slightly.

  2. Grant W.

    You can’t appreciate the sweet without the sour

  3. Comment response from Nancy Marinello. I am absolutely shocked at the total misrepresentation of my credentials. This is Nancy Marinello. I was in the business world for 30 years in various area, including, accounting, strategic planning and procurement. I earned my law degree at night but never practiced law. After retirement, I became certified as a Mediator and Arbitrator. My Arbitrations are not for the public utility board. My Arbitrations are for contract issues, personal injury, auto accidents, etc. for sums below $30,000. I certainly wish I had seen your statements before the election.

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