Naperville Mayor Pradel’s Final And Best Proclamations

This Tuesday’s city council meeting in Naperville, will be Mayor George Pradel’s final chance to pound the gavel. His 20 years as mayor, is a record that will not be surpassed, because term limits will take effect. The longest any Naperville mayor, including mayor-elect Steve Chirico can serve is 12 years; three terms of four years.

Mayor Pradel was not one to rely on the gavel to silence speakers, however he seems to truly enjoy ‘announcing’ proclamations. Well actually he’d run a council member up to the podium to read his proclamations.

It’s been said that on your final day of work, you can do anything you want, and that includes Mayor Pradel. He can do whatever he wants, including firing off a litany of proclamations.  Watchdog has come up with a list of ten proclamations that the mayor might want to consider announcing this Tuesday including:

  • Nickel-beer Night When You Bring A Hammer. Anybody bringing a hammer into the downtown Naperville can get as many 5-cent beers, as they want.
  • Wehrli-way Year. Re-name all the streets, avenues, and roads in Naperville Wehrli-Way for one year with option to renew the proclamation each year.
  • More Affluent Sister Cities Year. Only Sister Cities that are more affluent than Naperville can be considered.
  • Kim Bendis Proclamation. All future council members taking the oath of office will be required to say, “I will never allow a resident of Naperville to be bullied by city officials again…..never…. ever.
  • Ordinance-Variance Day. All variances are approved.
  • Hinterlong-Marshall-Uber Week. Anybody screaming the name ‘Hinterlong’ before getting into a Uber car gets a free ride paid for by the Hinterlong-for-council campaign fund; any short fall in finances would be covered by non-police-chief Bob Marshall’s double dip pension fund.
  • Ceremonial Scissors Month. All city employees needing to use a scissors are required to use a 3-foot ceremonial scissors to cut everything.
  • No Dicks On The Council Decade. No one with the name of Richard or Dick can become a member of the city council.
  • Liquor License Vending Machine Weekends. Need a liquor license for the weekend; get one from a 24-hour liquor license vending machine.
  • Water Street Project Preparedness Year. Anybody can park wherever they want, including leaving your car in the middle of the street in downtown Naperville.

This is Mayor Pradel’s final opportunity to leave a lasting legacy. 20 years makes a great celebratory cake; 10 useful proclamations makes an even better frosting.

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