Getting Elected Is Easy; Getting The Job Done Is Not So Easy

In my previous career, I was responsible for hiring executives throughout the country. Out of every 20 applicants, ten would be phone screened, four would be invited in for an interview, and one would be hired. One out of twenty (5%) was the norm.  The corporation could afford to be very selective, because they were an employer of choice by executives looking for an opportunity.

Getting hired in today’s economy is no easy task at any level including entry level jobs. For almost every available job, there are numerous candidates looking to get hired.

However there is one place where 40% of the candidates interviewing for a position get hired, and that place is the Naperville city council; 20 candidates and eight were ‘hired’ by the voters. Where else can almost half of the job seekers get hired. So getting hired is easy. Percentage-wise, it might be more difficult getting a job at McDonald’s than getting elected to the Naperville city council.

The voter turnout was ridiculously low, which usually favors incumbents, but only two of the four incumbents were elected, and one of the two (Judy Brodhead) was elected to a second-tier two year term. In fact, of the four council women elected, she came in 4th place. Not a strong showing for an incumbent. Based on the results of this election, Brodhead may be looking at her last term.

Mayor-elect Steve Chirico began campaigning almost two years before the election, which means it might be in Brodhead’s best interest to start campaigning now to retain her council seat.

There is no better place to campaign, than during city council meetings where every word and every vote is recorded for residents (voters) to hear and see.

May 5th will be the first Naperville city council meeting for the new city council members. Getting elected is easy;  getting the job done is not so easy. It’s on that date and forward, that we will begin to hear and see which council members would have been “better to remain silent, and thought a fool, than to speak out, and remove all doubt”.

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  1. joey

    Naperville the city of wonders? Less than 23% of registered voters (64K) for a city of 120K plus. We deserve what we get!

  2. From Nancy Marinello: You state you were responsible for hiring several people in your past profession. I hope you read their resumes better than you read my campaign information. Your description of me was totally inaccurate when you choose not to endorse me for city council.

    • Nancy, was your campaign website wrong? On there it says you’re an attorney and an Arbitrator in Cook and Dupage County. Not sure what in this site’s description (which was all of two lines) was totally inaccurate. Color me confused …

      • Jim, thanks for your reply. The description totally ignored my 30 years of business experience. I would say I have a thorough business background, as the website states: accounting, strategic planning and procurement experience.

        The description stated : Nancy Marinello
        Attorney and arbitrator for public utility board. The council needs fewer attorneys and more business representation.

        As you stated, I perform Arbitrations in Cook and DuPage Counties. My Arbitration is not for the Public Utilities Board: it is for real people in real issues, like personal injury, car accidents and contract issues. All members of the PUAB are assigned the duty to arbitrate any smart meter issues. I am no longer a member of the PUAB – my term ended in November of 2014 so you could lay that handle on all members of the PUAB, include the new council member, John Krummen. No issues were ever brought before the PUAB for Arbitration.

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