Council’s Final Four Is Set For Lump Of Coal

It doesn’t get any more exciting than this for local fans of municipal government. The first annual Final Four competition for the dreaded huge lump of coal, in a deserving city official’s Christmas (Holiday) stocking is ready to commence. The field of four is set. Joining the winner’s (losers) of the first survey of five (councilmen Steve Chirico and Doug Krause), will be the top two vote-getters (losers) of the second survey of five which are councilmen Joe McElroy and Dave Wentz.

The results of the second survey are as follows:

City Official Total Votes Received (% of total)
Dave Wentz 84 (45%)
Joseph McElroy 48 (26%)
Judy Brodhead 26 (14%)
Doug Krieger 16 (9%)
Paul Hinterlong 14 (7%)

Yes, that adds to 101%, but everyone knows that when it comes to government and numbers it’s never 101% accurate.

This is what your Final Four looks like. Vote for the Naperville city council member most deserving of a huge lump of coal in his Christmas stocking based on his body of work, or lack thereof, for this year 2014.

  • Councilman David Wentz
  • Councilman Douglas Krause
  • Councilman Joseph McElroy
  • Councilman Steve Chirico

The survey will run from Christmas eve day (December 24) through  Saturday December 27. The results will be posted Sunday December 28 when the City of Naperville’s most deserving city councilman for a huge lump of coal in his stocking will be announced.

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