Councilman Wehrli Checks Out Early

In professional baseball, one hit for every three at bats will get you a multimillion dollar contract and a potential ticket into the Hall of Fame. In medical school, one correct answer out of three questions will get you into another field other than medicine. In Naperville politics, attending one city council meeting out of three will get you a pay check, benefits, and the best seat it the house at most Naperville bars.

Such is the case with Naperville city councilman Grant Wehrli who has attended only one of the last three city council meetings since being elected to the State Legislature in Illinois’ 41st District. Getting elected as a Republican in that district required very little effort on Wehrli’s part. The same type of effort Wehrli has shown by being a no-show in two of the last three city council meetings.

One would think that Wehrli would either accept the responsibility of being a Naperville council member until he is officially in his new position, or that he would graciously resign from the Naperville city council, thereby allowing another individual the opportunity to do the peoples’ work. Councilman Grant Wehrli has done neither.

Wehrli’s campaign slogan should be, “What’s In It For Wehrli”. In this situation, he can pull a quarter-year’s worth of city salary, benefits and fame, for doing nothing. Not showing up for meetings, qualifies him as poster boy for a typical government bureaucrat.

In fairness the councilman Wehrli, he has done some good by being a no-show. Meetings now start on time, or close to it, meetings don’t last as long, and things are getting done or at least brought up for a vote.

So maybe Wehrli’s absence is a blessing, similar to what the Chicago Bears might do with quarterback Jay Cutler; just pay him to go away.

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  1. Lou G.

    So Doug Kreiger is Naperville’s Wally Pipp and Grant Wehrli is Naperville’s Jay Cuttler…that sounds right. We already had the first-to-go, so perhaps Wehrli is the second fiddle!

  2. WCKGradiohead

    Wehrli is the best one up there and I’m sorry to see him go. It will be nice to have him working hard in Springfield however. It’s obvious that the “watchdog” doesn’t like Wehrli but then again this website is just the rants of a few angry TEA party men. Too bad you can’t call it like it is “watchdog.” Wentz is all about himself and can’t go a meeting without some sort of self congratulation on something. Chirico could not be a worse choice for mayor. How much money has he taken from the Water street gang again?? And McElroy never does his homework and just does whatever staff tells him to do. He’s almost as brainless as Broadhead. Too bad this website isn’t really about keeping a watchful eye on council, this town needs a group like Edgar county watchdogs and not just some toothless gumwagging.

    • watchdog

      Other than that, how do you like the Watchdog website?

    • Ed James

      He;s as bad as the rest, no better, no worse. And, working hard in Springfield? Come on! He’ll be a blowhard down there, just like here… only, instead of the inept Mayor allowing the meetings to run amok, he won’t be recognized.

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