Freedoms Intended For Us From The Founding Fathers

If ‘a picture is worth 1,000 words’, then a video is worth thousands of words. The following two videos do just that.

The elections may differ (Federal, State, or Municipal), and the cast of characters change, but the core values and freedoms intended for us from the founding fathers endure in the Constitution. When our freedoms and rights are compromised, as they have been at all levels of government, including the local level by Naperville city officials, it’s time for residents to be heard, and for residents to hold the line against intrusive government.

Within the last few years Naperville city officials have had to resort to oppressive measures in dealing with residents including the following:

  • The forced installation of so-called Smart Meters on the homes and businesses of those who did not want the installations.
  • The arrests and hand-cuffing of residents, including women and mothers, who chose to protect their homes and families from those forced installations.
  • Disallowing a petition signed by thousands of residents for a non-binding referendum regarding the installation of so-called smart meters.
  • The city council supported a do-over vote for at-large representation, after voters voted in favor of district representation by a landslide.
  • Residents voted in favor of term limits for council members by a landslide in 2010, but the city council said they needed five years in order to make it happen. It still hasn’t happened.
  • The Naperville city council lines the perimeter of council meetings with armed police officers, when city officials feel residents will show a sign of strength in numbers, when unfavorable topics are discussed.

Watchdog does not promote movies, however “America, The Movie” is not just a movie, it’s a call to ‘hold the line’. Watch and listen to the following ‘trailer’:

If residents can’t be ‘heard’ at city council meetings, and if residents can’t be ‘heard’ with petitions and referendums and landslide votes, then it’s time to be heard next April when all nine Naperville city council member positions will be up for a vote. Our Founding Fathers intended for us to have that freedom.

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  1. Redwhiteandblue

    Perhaps someone should enlighten Paul Hinterlong on the reason we celebrate July 4th. According to the Naperville Sun, “Councilman Hinterlong made a point to note that the 4th of July meant honoring Veterans who’d made the ultimate sacrifice for the country.” Mr. Hinterlong, should understand that Memorial Day is the Federal Holiday honoring the men and women who died while serving in the Armed Forces. The 4th of July is the holiday that celebrates the Declaration of Independence, which is the founding document of America. The American colonies decided to separate themselves from the tyranny of Great Britain and the King who was “unfit to be the ruler of a free people.” Perhaps if the Council read and understood the Declaration of Independence and The Constitution they would have a greater appreciation of our history. Americans were exceptional because they claimed that their rights are found in eternal “Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God,” not given to them by kings or councils.

    Our Rights are not given to us by the likes of Wehrli and the rest of the King George like council thugs who somehow decided to “grant” us a phony “Smart Gid Customer Bill of Rights.” That ridiculous document declares that citizens have a “right” to have data security…data that Council has taken from us without our consent and against our will. Arresting young Moms with continued judicial harassment because they believe that our homes should be free from the prying eyes of government and safe from RF radiation should never happen in this City.

    Council should be protecting our property rights rather than trampling them.

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