Has The Naperville City Council No Compassion

Tomorrow night, Tuesday December 17, the Naperville city council will vote on medical marijuana rules. Marijuana becomes a legally prescribed drug in the State of Illinois on January 1, 2014. The act is known as the “Illinois Public Act 098-122; the Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Pilot Act” The law allows for municipalities to adopt more stringent regulations than those set by the state.

One of the “more stringent regulations” up for discussion by the Naperville city council is whether or not to allow “drive-through windows”, similar to what most drug stores have throughout the country. It appears the majority of Naperville city council members are not sympathetic to the idea of a drive-up window.

Pharmacies including Walgreen, CVS, and Rite-Aid among others embrace the concept of the drive-through window as a convenience for those who have a need for whatever reason, including the elderly, those physically in pain, a parent with a small child, and others. If any of you know someone who has or had cancer, or MS among other ailments, you know the difficulty involved, and how any aid, convenience, or help is a godsend to those folks.

Councilman Paul Hinterlong indicated he leans on the side of “why have a drive-through window”, so are we to believe that Paul is one of the fortunate ones who has not been involved with a person in pain, or is it simply an absence of compassion on his part. The name of the Act itself, has the word ‘compassionate’ in it.

It looks like we will find out which council members might be lacking compassion on Tuesday night when they vote up or down on a drive-through window.

Two things are certain; any council member voting ‘no’ to a drive-through window, could never work as an executive within the pharmacy division of a major corporation, and secondly if you are ever looking for any type of compassion, you won’t be getting it from those council members.

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  1. Gerard H, Schilling

    Talk about utter stupidity. Our city and most of the country suffers from drug abuse and our nitwit state legislators and now our councilmen are quibbling over how best to make it legal and the fastest ways to dispense it.

    Meanwhile, our cops are locking up kids not their suppliers for having and using it. Can’t we for just once have some common sense prevail? Make the damn stuff either legal or illegal and stop this nonsense.

    The net result of this will be a unscrupulous doctor or a counterfeit ring will dispense prescriptions like candy and the stuff will be out on the street for resale after the state and the city take their tax cut and surcharges (yet to come) on this crap.

    The cops in turn will now have to buy new equipment to check on marijuana intoxication to go along with DUI stuff. This can and will no doubt justify more illegal roadblocks and check points to harass law abiding citizens and increase revenue to the city. Safety has never been a consideration nor were or are red light cameras.

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