Councilman Fieseler Eating On Citizens’ Dime

Have you noticed how some folks have a knack for saying the wrong thing, at the wrong time, to the wrong audience. One of those people is Naperville city councilman Bob Fieseler and he did it again at the most recent Naperville city council meeting Tuesday October 15. It happened during the ‘New Business’ portion of the meeting, when out of nowhere he begins rambling about his pension, if he vests after 8 years with the city of Naperville. He does this at a time when our country, state, and city are all wrestling with unfunded pensions causing a drag on our economy.

Not only that, he continues going down the insensitive road towards others by stating his pension would cover him for a ‘free senior citizen breakfast’ in essence every morning for the rest of his life, as if this is a pittance; something to be laughed at. His comment comes on the very night that the city of Naperville is proclaiming Oct 26 – Nov. 2, as Homeless Awareness Week in Naperville. Bad timing Mr. Fieseler. But then again, Naperville city officials like to refer to the ‘homeless’ as ‘urban outdoors-men’. Naperville doesn’t have homeless folks; they have street dwellers.

Watch and listen as a portion of councilman Fieseler’s character is exposed.

With unemployment as it is, Fieseler’s comment is another reason to have him become unemployed from the city council during the next election. He would no longer need to be concerned about vesting in his city pension. He might actually need to buy his own breakfast.

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  1. Illinoisans broke

    At least Senior Fieseler will be able to eat breakfast everyday on his public pension! How many seniors in Naperville are cutting back on eating any breakfast as they are forced to choose between paying their property taxes or groceries? $250.00 extra income per moth would be a God send to some families in Naperville, yet this guy laughs.

    Leadership is vision, courage humility, gratitude and grace. Fiesler, instead chooses the a path of the arrogant elite who are so out of step with the “unwashed masses.” $250.00 extra per month would be a blessing for so many…laugh really hard Fiesler.

  2. Sick & Tired

    “So, on the state, I get a senior breakfast every day.” – Just like every other politician he has forgotten that the “state” he so flippantly refers to as providing him FREE breakfast is US, the TAX PAYER! And that’s not one breakfast, or one year of breakfast, that’s breakfast EVERYDAY for the rest of his miserable life. He, along with his other amused council mates, should refuse the pension he speaks so ill of and pay for their own breakfast. We, the “state”, are sick and tired of being forced to pay for his and every other ungrateful, useless, politician’s “senior breakfast.”

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