Citizen Unwilling To Eat Naperville City Council’s Baloney

The older you get, the more you realize that your time is running out, and the less willing you are to deal with nonsense, and allow yourself to be pushed around. When it comes to residents of Naperville, and citizens in general. Naperville city officials specialize in nonsense and pushing folks from one city department to another, from one staff member to another, and from one committee to another. City officials consider residents/citizens as pinballs, bouncing them around until they disappear.

It almost happened again at the most recent city council meeting, during the Public Forum portion of the meeting when citizen Buzz Polizzi offered the City of Naperville the opportunity to be the home of a Freedom Monument To Veterans honoring the military men and women who have given so much to defend our country. The financial cost to the city would be zero.

The person willing to do the sculpture, is one of the finest in the art. For more than a year he has been given the run-around, so he and Buzz Polizzi decided to present the opportunity directly to the city council.

Watch and listen as Buzz makes his presentation, only to be brushed-off by the Mayor and kicked over to a committee that has already “buried the opportunity in the mud for a year and a half”, and in essence “nailed the sculpture-artist to the floor”.

All Buzz wanted was a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer, and the council couldn’t do it. Kudos for Buzz for his respectful assertiveness towards the council, and his unwillingness to ‘eat the baloney’ being dished out by the council. Buzz represents every military man and woman who has ever served our country and fought for freedom. Not one council member would speak up, other than the Mayor’s brush-off. The least the Naperville city council could do, would have been to give him a straight answer.


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  1. Sweetdee

    Straight answer? Are you kidding? This city council? The perfect place would be in the park that Naperville virtually gave to the college on Washington Street. Maybe if the artist offered to let the mayor go at it with a hammer he would have jumped on board.

  2. Gerard H Schilling

    As a ex Air Force vet myself I agree with most of what the gentleman said about our honored dead and alive vets However, when he says the funds for the project (never mentioning how much) will come from the Federal Government I bristle at spending money the government doesn’t have being 17.1 trillion in debt now and climbing 3 billion a day.

    The answer by the mayor should have been something to the effect of,” We the governing officials of fair Naperville believe in fiscal responsibility and thank you for your kind offer but no thanks”! Of course they have never shown fiscal restraint on anything so it would have been a lie which has never a problem for them in the past.

    The mistake this guy made was not getting to the right connected people first and, so to speak, buttered or greased the wheels in which case he would not have had to appear in the first place.

    When are people going to get it through their heads we are broke and we are bequeathing to our offspring an unpayable debt which will enslave them.

  3. James R. Rinella

    I would like to have a phone number or address for Mr. Polizzi. We were class mates at Thorton Township High School in Harvey. I’ve lost contact with him these many years.

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