Has Naperville Become Like America?

“What Has America Become” is the title of a “Letter to the editor’ of the Iosco County News Herald, published on June 9, 2010 in the Opinion column. It was written by Ken Huber of Tawas City, Michigan. It contains a series of comparisons and contrasts which prompts one to consider the double-standards and conditions under which we now live in America. Though I am not in total agreement with some of his points, the general question he presents remains relevant.

What Has America BecomeWe can ask those same questions here in Naperville; What has Naperville become, and what has happened to the land of the free and the home of the brave. This couldn’t be more evident than in the case of resident Kim Bendis, when she was arrested under the direction and abusive power of Naperville city officials for protecting her family and home from the forced installation of a smart meter on her home.. Kim Bendis was also charged with documenting the city of Naperville’s forced entry onto private property; the same documentation that CBS Channel-2 News was recording. Another Naperville mom (Jennifer Stahl) was also cuffed and arrested at her home for protecting her home and family. Both women’s cases are working their way through the court system.

Naperville city officials have been relentless in attempting to persecute and “pound” these women into submission, as if they were pinatas or political toys of the Naperville city council, and specifically council members Grant Wehrli and Bob Fieseler who spearheaded the Smart Meter program orchestrated by city manager Doug Krieger.

In city official’s attempt to demonize the actions of both women, it hasn’t worked. In fact, councilman Grant Wehrli has decided to ‘run’ away for a state representative position distancing himself from the Naperville city council. It’s doubtful he can outrun the Smart Meter fiasco, and chances are it will follow him on his campaign trail. Any money donated to his campaign fund, might be better used at a casino, where the return on investment would be better.

As for Kim Bendis, she came to ‘the land of the free’ (see link below) and is now one of the “home of the brave”. The article in World Vision Magazine is both heart rendering and encouraging for both America and Naperville.

World Vision Magazine Article

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  1. Heroseverywhere

    Thank God for the City Council Watchdog! The Naperville ruling Kabul, including local media, while continuously pubishing mug shots of this brave woman, has seemingly ignored Kim’s unique story. Kim is a remarkable woman, who truly understands that America is the last shining lamp of freedom. Naperville has ruthlessly pursued this woman, using taxpayer dollars, for protecting her home, family and civil rights. Wehrli, and his ilk, continued to refer to her Naperville Smart Meter Awarness Organization as “SMAG,” (a prejorative slang for Asian woman) after being informed numerous times of its offensiveness.

    Kim Bendis deserves to be honored with a Freedom Metal at the next City Hall Meeting, instead of legally persecuting this inspirational mother, wife, nurse, and citizen.

    “Government is not eloquent; it is a force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.” George Washington

  2. Buck Naper

    Let’s not forget that it was councilman Wehrli who sent a “heads up” email to Excelon (Commonwealth Edison) about Naperville residents mounting a non-binding petition drive to determine the level of residents support for the smart meter installation. Obviously, Wehrli was looking out for the interests of special interest groups, not Naperville residents! Let’s see if his “favor” is returned in the form of campaign contributions from his corporate friends.

  3. Gerard H Schilling

    Ms. Bendis has more courage, honesty and integrity in her little finger then this whole crew including and especially our city’s business manager, its legal department, the police chief and the megalomaniacs on council like Wehrli and Fieseler.

    It’s disgraceful that these clowns can use the entire resources of our city to persecute a citizen who has done absolutely nothing wrong except calling to task wrongful and egregious actions done by these thugs against her and the good citizens of Naperville.

    Hopefully she sues the city and these people for malicious and willful harm to her reputation and damage to her property, finances and family.

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