Could Naperville Be The Next Crestwood

From Cicero, to Robbins, to North Chicago, to Dixon, to Crestwood, to………is it possible….Naperville?

The latest involves Crestwood Police Chief Theresa Neubauer, formerly the head of the village water department, who was convicted Monday of 11 counts of lying repeatedly to state regulators regarding the safety and contamination of Crestwood’s water supply.

City officials in Crestwood, Illinois were probably just as confident as Naperville’s city manager Doug Krieger in guaranteeing the residents have nothing to be concerned about. The link below will show there is much to be concerned about.

Southtown Star Article

City officials in more and more municipalities are being held personally accountable and responsible for the economic, privacy, safety, and health effects of their decisions on the residents of their communities. No longer can a department head say they were just following orders. No longer can a mayor or city council member say they didn’t know, especially when an avalanche of information is presented to them indicating their position on an issue is detrimental to the health their constituency.

Naperville city officials have tied their reputation, political, and personal future to the effects of Smart Meters on the residents of Naperville. Of the nine current Naperville city council members, only councilman Doug Krause has withdrawn his support of Smart Meter installation. Two councilmen were not part of the original vote to install smart meters (Joe McElroy and Steve Chirico), however neither has joined Krause in opposing the installation. If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.

Naperville city manager Doug Krieger, along with council members Bob Fieseler and Grant Wehrli have been the ‘flag carriers’ and spear-headed the ‘battle-cry’ for Smart Meters. Though Fieseler has a well-written article presenting some concerns about smart meters, and Wehrli has tried to camouflage himself as just one one of the good-ole-boys, and not really a point-person in pushing smart meters, they have made their positions on the issue abundantly clear to the residents of Naperville.

Basically Krieger, Fieseler, and Wehrli have shackled themselves to the rhetoric of the Department of Energy along with a multimillion dollar grant, and literally shoved Smart Meters on the homes and businesses in Naperville.

Whether or not the hiring of additional city attorneys, along with the ‘crying’ and whining of city officials concerning residents utilizing their right to submit FOIA’s has anything to do with events to come, remains to be seen.


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  1. Gerard H Schilling

    We crazy luddites claimed when smart meters were proposed it was a total waste of time, money and energy and created many more problems and cost then it solved. It rewarded a few at the expense of all of us. Lastly its only real purpose was to institute time of day rates (coming soon) which will double your electric costs.

    The latest report by our friendly, gestapo city manager indicates the project is now $2.8 million over budget (not counting what they are hiding in other budgets)

    For those mathematically challenged that is approx.. 13% over budget and doesn’t even count the extension of the subcontracted meter readers because the new system (transmitted data) doesn’t work. In addition a number of NDPU-E and finance people are also taking meter readings why? I am sure their cost in not included in the overrun calculations either. Since this system is basically line of sight and trees get in the way will the city also denude us of trees over 10 ft. high?

    This boondoggle is a black hole consuming more and more resources, exposing the city to huge law suits and was and is ill conceived, poorly managed, caused PR disasters and resulted in the city management declaring war on a segment of the citizenry. When will they ever learn?

  2. Eric Windheim

    I continue to wonder what type of mass psychosis afflicts elected and sworn public officials. It seems to turn public servants into public serpents” that prey on the people they were sworn and elected to serve. Perhaps it is some sort of “Ruling Class” mind disorder that attracted them to the public spotlight in the first place.

    In any event the hard cold facts that the city is over budget indicates that the Smart Meter does not make dollars and sense. And wait for the personal injury lawsuits that are being incubated by the constant bombardment of RF, radio frequency radiation and DE, dirty electricity that is transmitted into each and every home in Naperville. Does the city have a reserve account ready for that? Not to worry because the city only has to raise taxes and fees to cover any legal costs.

    Lawsuits directly against those who voted for the mart grid/smart meter project are sure to flock in as the body count of maimed and injured citizens rises.

  3. Steve

    Follow the money. Just check who’s pockets are getting fatter, and you’ll know the “rest of the story.” All you get from the politicains are excuses, personal attacks, lies, and more damn lies.

  4. Dot

    Thank you for all that you do,
    marshfield , wisconsin , are to begin placeing smart meters, on homes and businesses.
    I have given data , doctors and scientist from all over the world, been at all meetings of common council and utility commission, radio and tv,
    all of this has not detured the utility from going ahead ,

    to send regestered letter to the utility noticeing them that I do not want a smart meter.
    they tell me that they havent decided to let people keep the old meter, but if they do , the cost of a reader would be betuen 10 and 50 dollars a month.
    do you have any suggestions?

    One friend, said he would be without electric power if he did not accept the smart meter.
    thanks ,
    Dot , Wisconsin

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