City of Naperville Hiring More Attorneys


The City of Naperville has found another way to spend tax payer dollars….hire more city attorneys.

That can only mean any one or more of the following:

  • City officials anticipate more law suits filed against the city
  • City officials aren’t confident in their recent decisions

  • The current group of city attorneys are slightly incompetent or working at half-speed

  • Somebody knows somebody who knows somebody

  • More extended family members (attorneys) need to be on the payroll

  • More resident-unfriendly ordinances means more litigation

  • City officials have an abundance of tax-payer dollars to burn

Naperville (population 142,000) currently has five full-time attorneys and one part-time attorney in the legal department. They have the green light to hire one more full-time attorney, and one more part-time attorney bringing the total to the equivalent of 7 full time attorneys. Compare this to Aurora (population 198,000) which has three city attorneys, Rockford (population 153,000) which has five city attorneys, and Joliet (population 148,000) with four city attorneys. So why is it that other cities with more population need fewer attorneys working for their cities? Additionally both Springfield (with five) and Peoria (with 4 attorneys working for the city) have a higher resident-to-attorney ratio than Naperville.

The flip side of this conundrum is that maybe Naperville actually needs many more city attorneys than they have. Naperville city officials need all the legal help and advise they can get. It’s much wiser for city officials to pay bundles of tax-payer dollars to a gaggle of city attorneys, than to continue to make poor decisions resulting in more law suits against the city, and losing those suits in court.

‘Actuarially’ speaking, it might be a good idea for each council member (and the city manager) to have his or her own city attorney, pulling double-duty by also acting as a chauffeur and thereby providing advice to council members at all times. My guess is that the first piece of advice each city attorney / chauffeur would have for their council member would be, ‘dump’ the electric vehicle fiasco.


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  1. Gerard H Schilling

    Krieger, Fieseler and Wehrli each need one for the amount of falsifications and citizen’s rights abuse they routinely engage in such as breaking and entering into private property, illegal arrests, supporting double and triple dippers against the tax payers etc.

    Then of course one for staging, coordinating and initiating both new referendums or fighting legitimate ones from the citizens.

    Now that they have succeeded in thwarting district representation it is time to go after term limits so one of the needless new hires no doubt will be tasked with that charter.

    Let us not forget how they have to fight against legitimate FOIA requests and on a routine bases ignore open meeting laws, ethics laws and they need a full time lawyer just to handle these issues.

    Ah, what the heck, it’s just money (ours) and it provides employment. Wasn’t that one of the justifications for smart meters? Just hide the cost by charging it to one of the overrun slush fund(s) which seem to be rampant in our city. Maybe they could charge it to the SECA fund to go along with the bells that these ding dongs charged us!

    • CityCouncilWatchDogDiggity


      If maintaining this website has you so fired up that you’re awake at 3:54am posting comments, one would think that you’d provide _some_ citations to back up your comments.

      If civil rights violations against Naperville citizens are as rampant as you claim, where are all the civil rights attorneys, the ACLU attorneys and the FBI? You’d think after all your descriptions, video postings and appearances at the council lectern, they’d be rushing to the scene to make a name for themselves by taking down a corrupt city government and returning it to its citizens.

      I’d think a quick call to Gary Shapiro’s office would open an investigation into this rampant corruption, law breaking and civil rights violations.

      Or, can it be that, other than when you are alone at 3:54am in front of your computer, there is no “bases” (your term) for all your blustering?

  2. Mary Lew

    Or is the rumor true that the city is looking for property to build it’s own courthouse? More city employees, more city lawyers, even bigger pension obligations. Who might have ambitions to be a judge? While the growth of Naperville is now limited, the growth of city employees and government influence seems to be insatiable.

  3. a boy named sue

    If you’re gonna rule the world, you’re gonna need attorneys
    -Danny Devito in Mars attacks

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