They don’t have it all figured out yet.

You have to give the Naperville city council along with city officials a lot of credit. It’s not easy trying to push a product or service on residents, when the residents don’t want it. Take for example Smart Meters. Against all logic, reason, and common sense, the Naperville city council will use whatever intimidation and force they think they have to attach these unwanted devices on the homes and businesses of Naperville residents and business owners. Would they go as far as turning off the electric to citizens? That very well could happen. What about residents on oxygen? Naperville has a population of 142,773, down from 144,560 in 2008; that’s a drop of about two families per week over the last four years. So if the city pulls the plug on power and loses a few residents here and there, it would be considered acceptable residual loss, almost as if city officials were at war with residents.

Another ‘service’ the city of Naperville is pushing is electric-vehicle (EV) charging stations. The city can’t seem to give them away. People are not buying EV’s. Has anyone seen a Naperville city council member driving a EV that they actually own. We’ve asked to be notified of a sighting, but nothing yet. It looks like the city is on the wrong side of ‘right’ on this issue too. Toyota has trashed plans for widespread sales of their new EV mini-car, saying it has ‘misread the market and the ability of battery technology’ to meet consumer needs. Major EV issues continue to exist including excessive vehicle cost, restricted battery life, and travel range.

The Naperville city council could definitely use the wisdom of Toyota executives or that of nationally syndicated talk-show host Mark Levin regarding EV’s. Imagine a conversation between Mark Levin and council member Bob Fieseler or city manager Doug Krieger. It might go something like this.

City manager Doug Krieger and Naperville city council members can’t seem to get it right. They don’t have it all figured it out yet. They continue to go the wrong way down a one-way street, and force residents to be passengers in their EV. We can only hope that their battery life results in a short travel range.

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  1. jonaperville

    CON (city of naperville)- and the Napervillians currently in control, are so busy trying to “look” green, that they are spending OUR green at breakneck speeds. People are so used to hearing numbers thrown around like 16 trillion, 22 billion etc on the news everyday, that they don’t blink when our city agrees to spend 11 million they don’t have, on something no one wanted, to fix something that wasn’t broken. Raffling off charging stations? Why don’t they power all the electric cars with Chirico’s solar power station. We paid for that with our tax dollars, and are getting nothing in return. Everyone can pull up to his warehouse, shop for flooring and PLUG IN!

  2. Gerard H Schilling

    CON is an excellent abbreviation for our beloved city whose city fathers and business manager, almost on a daily bases, pull con jobs on our naive and trusting citizens.

    The list of these fiascos are legion like the bell tower, car test track, children’s museum, Dick Tracy statue, golf courses, smart meters, waste to fuel boiler, a non-sworn in police chief who gets75k pension while collecting 150k salary, a mayor who is a triple dipper etc. No problem here just business as usual.

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