Naperville city council member’s solution is to build tiny homes

Other than Saturday Night Live, some of the best political comedy can be seen at Naperville city council meetings as presented by Naperville city council members and city officials. Unfortunately for Naperville residents it’s not so funny since it directly impacts their daily lives. It’s also not so funny for Naperville council members who hope to be re-elected. It’s difficult to understand how some council members were elected in the first place considering their solutions for dealing with issues.

Take for example Naperville city council member Judy Brodhead’s solution for reducing the expense of building a home in Naperville. It came during a discussion for adopting the 2012 International Building Code, and specifically dealing with the electrical code. Without getting into the boring details of arc fault protection receptacles in this posting, council member Brodhead took the minority position supporting the increased and needless expense of creating code ahead of technology. Her position was in opposition to a home builder’s association viewpoint that adding additional expense to build a home in Naperville was unnecessary.

Watch and listen to Brodhead’s solution, which is simply for residents to build smaller homes if they want to save money.

This is the type of logic and mindset that Naperville residents are up against when dealing with the Naperville city council and specifically council member Judy Brodhead. We can only imagine that her solution for dealing with issue of the homeless and the hungry, would be to feed the homeless to the hungry.

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  1. Gerard H Schilling

    If she is/was so concerned with safety and fire protection why did she vote for smart meters which are fire hazards, safety, security, privacy and health concerns as well as totally unjustifiable from a cost benefit standpoint.

  2. Edgar James

    Sorry to be off-topic, but what about the Marshall pension issue? I heard from a Naperville cop that the City has filed some sort of brief with the penion board supporting Marshall. Can this be true? Is this from that pension reforming Mayor and City Council? That has the be the most hyocritical thing from this two-faced bunch that I’ve ever heard. I’ve never blogged here, but good site.

  3. Debra H

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