Let’s swap city councils.

Have you ever noticed that there is a southern way of doing things, and then there is a big city influence way of doing things? Let’s take for example Keller, Texas vs. Naperville, Illinois. Not that Naperville is a big city, but it does have over 140,000 citizens and ranks somewhere in the top five in population in Illinois. Keller, TX on the other hand has about 40,000 citizens. There is no doubt that Naperville does have that big city (Chicago) influence, and that Keller has that southern hospitality way of getting things done.

The demographics of both cities are similar with regard to income and education. In fact, Money Magazine listed Keller as the seventh best city in which to live, out of the Top 100 cities of its size. Other similarities include they both have a city manager and a mayor/city council style of government.

Now here is where it gets really interesting. Both city governments have embraced the installation of Smart Meters. The Keller city council and city manager have had no issues with residents fighting the local government in court battles, whereas Naperville residents and the Naperville city council are still embroiled in a Federal Court hearing on the forced installation of meters. Now here is the real kicker…the Naperville city council and city manager have approved the expenditure of millions of taxpayer dollars to use a public relations firm out of Chicago to convince Naperville citizens that the installation of Smart Meters is a good thing for residents, and it has not worked. The citizens of Naperville wanted the issue to be placed on a non-binding referendum last March, and the city of Naperville would not approve the referendum. The Naperville Smart Meter Awareness Group, a large group of loyal and informed citizens opposed to the forced installation, have fought conscientiously and thoroughly for the rights of citizens to be heard and respected, with the issue ultimately winding up in Federal Court though millions of dollars have needlessly been wasted on public relations.

Why is it that Keller, Texas can get things done without wasting millions of taxpayer dollars, yet the Naperville city council cannot? We decided to contact Chris Fuller, the Keller deputy city manager, a very amiable and forthcoming city official, and he simply said that the city government works for its citizens, they had open and honest communication with residents, and were receptive to the thoughts, wishes, and rights of the folks of Keller. That’s simple isn’t it? No public relations firms, no loss of millions of taxpayer dollars, (not even one dollar wasted), no court battle, no citizen uprising, and no denial of voter’s rights. It worked. The city has what it needs and the citizens have what they want.

Based on that, I make a motion that we trade our Naperville city council, and city manager to Keller, Texas in exchange for theirs.

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  1. Wer89

    Once again, Watchdog has hit the nail on the head. Naperville city council “mixes it up with lies” in an attempt to make everything seem good. But it is not good in Naperville. The smart meter debacle has showered the truth on Napervllle’s egotistical city council, worthless city manager, bully attorney, and complete and utterly unintelligible Mayor. Naperville’s government does need to be traded, but how could we possibly trade them to anyone else? There is no other town in the country that deserves to be governed by such bullies. Instead, they need to be ousted and laid out to pasture…under some cell tower somewhere.

  2. spank me

    someone should put this on a jump drive and play it in open forum…

  3. Doug Miller

    I found your blog by my weekly Google Blog search for Keller, TX. I always am interested to what is out there being written about our great city.

    You see, I am a City Councilman in Keller and also write a blog about politics and other matters at beyondrightfield.com.

    What I find funny, I’m an Illinois native. Born in Kankakee, graduated HS from Savanna and attended NIU. In fact, my freshman year roomate at NIU was from Naperville.

    While we aren’t perfect in Keller, we strive to do whats right for the citizens. Smart Meters is an issue that is heating up here, and in fact there might be some movement in allowing the citizens to opt out. Only time will tell.

    And yes, our Deputy City Manager Chris Fuller is a rising star. A very smart guy that has a great future. But, sorry guys. He doesn’t like the cold, so I don’t think you could convince him to move north.

  4. Doug Miller

    And it’s the city of Keller, or just Keller…not Keller City.

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