Blame it on the Smart Meters.


Let’s begin by saying that I am one of many Naperville citizens who strongly believe that Smart Meters are not really that smart. In fact, for me it was a quick and decisive position to take. I remember exactly when it happened. It happened when the Naperville city council said that Smart Meters were a good thing and that all residents will have one like it or not. When the government says ‘try’ll like it’ then you can be sure you won’t like it.

If that wasn’t reason enough, how about adding major concerns about health risks, privacy issues, security breaches, and skyrocketing costs for electricity. Still not enough, how about a huge waste of taxpayer dollars, and putting the city of Naperville into so much debt, that when the city looks up they are still looking down.

Even though the issue is still pending in Federal court, the citizens of Naperville are under a full-assault attack by the Naperville city council with regard to forced installation of government issued meters. More and more meters are being hastily thrown on homes and businesses throughout the city. In my immediate neighborhood, about half the homes have had meters slapped on their homes; about half of those didn’t want them and the other half had no idea why it was happening. So it could be said that the installation of meters has ranged from chaos to mayhem, which by government definition would be considered acceptable, reasonable, and better than expected.

With the proliferation of meters in our neighborhood like crabgrass on lawns, I am beginning to see and experience things that I haven’t noticed previously. Whether this is causation or correlation with government-forced meters remains to be determined. Here are a few:


  • Naperville city council meetings are beginning to start late again; punctuality (respect for other peoples time) is slipping away.
  • The Chicago Cubs lost all three games to the White Sox at Wrigley Field.
  • When I walk by Boardman Cemetery about two miles from my home very late at night (about 2am) my brain feels like it is vibrating.
  • Our dog Eva passed away April 19. She was ten and a poodle. Other than my wife, she was my best friend and companion.
  • A Naperville council member actually requested that he only be contacted through a third-party. In other words the elected official needs a degree of separation between the electorate and himself.
  • In dog years I am 13 years old and I’ve never had a medical history; absolutely nothing ever wrong with me, until three weeks ago when I was 10 minutes away from unexpected major surgery at Edward when the surgeon came in and said, “I know what it is” and with a touch of his hand (like Dr. House) he gave me a ‘quick fix’ and scheduled outpatient surgery the following week. I was one happy guy about that.
  • Just before the outpatient surgery, I asked the surgeon if I would be able to play the tuba when he was done. He said, “I don’t see why not” and I thought, “wow that’s great because I’ve never played the tuba before”
  • I’ve never owned an orange shirt in my life, never wanted one; I bought two in one day.
  • I met with a Naperville city council member for breakfast and it went exceptionally well. We had a healthy, open, and honest conversation, and I found out that he is a very likeable person. I give him a lot of credit for meeting with me, because I have been quite critical of him. It took a lot of courage and open-mindedness on his part to do so; something no other council member has been willing to do. Agree or not with council member Steve Chirico, you have to respect is willingness to learn, listen, and share. Isn’t it amazing that when you have a chance to meet someone, differences can be minimized and commonalities can be more clearly seen.
  • My wife said I repeat myself.

I say we blame it all on Smart Meters. Did I mention my wife says I repeat myself.

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  1. Taggert

    It takes arrogance to to on a 7 minute public infomercial rant after a citizens limited 3 minutes questioning the ethics of an elected official accepting $250,000.00 dollars (also applying for $250,000.00 more in Federal) “grant” money from either big business (depending on version of genesis of money), a bankrupt Illinois, or 15+ trillion dollar deficit Federal government for their own private enterprise. Why did he choose to stay with ComEd instead of Naperville Electric? When he was pounding his gavel, laughing at or criticizing citizens did he ever publicly tell them that he had applied for the grant money for his government subsidized solar generating facility? How does it make any business sense to spend over $800,000.00 to save only $2,200.00 a month (irrational thinking usually found in government). Does he apply this nonsense to taxpayer expenditures that he approves? Does it matter that he votes on electrical rates for his Naperville competitors, who have not gone to taxpayer or rate payer funded grant trough, to shield them from the impact of that vote? Why doesn’t he support the free market allowing families true choice on their safety, privacy and security for their homes? “Green” should not mean the color of wasted taxpayer money for other people’s folly.

  2. Gerard H Schilling

    History is strewed with nice megalomaniacs who get their jollies off by lording over what they perceive are the lowly masses of unwashed, bible toting peons.

    They always think they are the final arbiters of all things, especially what applies to others, while escaping the wrath of their own edicts/policies/codes/laws by subterfuge, collusion, cronyism or outright corruption.

    The councilman described employs the same basic modus operandi as at least one other councilman and most insincere politicians. It goes as follows. Come talk to me I care about your concerns. Translation –I will convince you of the error of your ways. Next comes the exclaimer we agree to disagree. Translation- Your position is wrong so get over it. Finally you are characterized as a radical, crazy person and the suggestion you move out of town or shut up and go away made.

    Meanwhile the rape and extortion of the community continues which rewards the politically connected elites and their buddies. The latest being holding a raffle to give away two electric charging stations for cars. It is bad enough we have to subsidize the building of these cars, worry about them burning up if parked next to you in public spaces now we have to buy these eco-terrorists their chargers along with their wind turbines and solar panels.

    The difference between the political megalomaniacs and we the less free citizens is; we don’t steal their wealth, encumber their property, jeopardize their health and safety, tell them what they can eat, drink, drive, buy and use.

    Time for people to wake up and throw these bums out of office while we still can especially the type that parasitically feed on the tax payer!

  3. Gerard H Schilling

    Another solar panel company (Abound) bites the dust and only costs, we the tax payers, $ 400 million. A bargain when you consider Solyndra cost us $500 million.

    Wonder where Cherico bought his units? If from either of these scammers the grants he got from state and Federal government are cheap. Each panel probably cost 50k when you consider the bankruptcies.

    When will our oppressed citizens put an end to this craziness by voting these bums out of office? Who has the contract for the car charges being given away by our enlighten and lime green city council? No doubt they, also, will go bankrupt for lack of free market interest.

    As more and more cities ban smart meters and law suits based on health, fire, cost, hacking and damage to home equipment increase geometrically companies like Elster will also go belly-up!

    Keep up the stupidity politicians you’ll succeed in bankrupting us yet!

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