Who issued a gag order to the Naperville city council?

It’s not often you can attend a meeting  lead by a group of nine local politicians joined by a city manager and a city attorney and get them to be as quiet as if they were attending a funeral service, but that’s exactly what happened at the most recent Naperville city council meeting on Tuesday February 21. It appears to be that when confronted with questions they cannot answer, they get glassy-eyed, fumble with papers, look at each other, and then finish off by staring into space.

During the public forum portion of the meeting, 11 citizens (including one each from Carol Stream and Woodridge) made their opposition to the installation of ‘Smart’ meters perfectly clear, supported by information contrary to the Naperville city council’s propaganda and misinformation. When citizens make the effort and take the time to address the city council and are given only three minutes to make their point, you would think the council would show the courtesy of answering a question. Swiss philosopher, Henri Frederic Amiel stated, “Truth is violated by falsehood, but it is outraged by silence.”

Watch and listen as Naperville citizens Tom Glass and Jennifer Stahl make compelling presentations and then are not given the civility of answers to their two questions.

Politicians are not made for ‘no comment’ unless of course they have something to hide, or cannot provide a truthful answer. Yet there they sit at the ‘People’s dais’ using tax payer dollars to avoid answering questions.

Watch and listen to Naperville citizen Gerard Schilling as he questions truth in local government.

Watch and listen as Naperville citizen Amanda Rykov makes an eloquent presentation asking the council what if other cities, states, and countries  along with experts are correct in stopping the installation of smart meters and the Naperville city council is wrong, and pointing out that even Naperville city council member Fieseler suggests ‘people shouldn’t move to Naperville’

During the final moments of the public forum portion of the meeting, it was evident to nearly all in attendance that the Naperville city council was not willing to show the courtesy of a response and a mass exodus of residents left the meeting in disgust.

It was only at that point that some of the council members began to talk and ‘piled on’ citizen-advocate and council member Doug Krause when he assertively expressed his displeasure for not getting information and documents regarding smart meters in a timely matter from staff. Council member Doug Krause is in a minority of one with regard to supporting the citizens of Naperville which most likely accounts for the fact that he is the longest serving Naperville council member (nearly a quarter of a century). Is it any wonder why the citizens of Naperville support his re-elections?

On the other end of citizen-voter support is newly elected and most likely one-term council member Steve Chirico. He has a tendency to make correct observations, but totally incorrect interpretations of those observations. After 90% of those in attendance left the meeting, he made the observation that relatively few support the opposition to the installation of ‘smart’ meters implying that the thousands of residents who signed a petition to stop the installation are insignificant. If that is the case, then the fact that he received about 7,000 votes in the last election out of 141,000 residents shows that about 134,000 oppose him. Same logic.

There is absolutely no doubt that the Naperville city council along with city manager Doug Krieger could benefit enormously from a spot-on presentation about citizens rights, government responsibility, and how the founding fathers of our Constitution intended for government to relate to its citizens. Watch and listen to Naperville citizen David Bendis as he gives the council a three-minute lesson in history, democracy and patriotism.

Thomas Jefferson could not have said it better himself.

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  1. Judy

    Very grateful for a site like this and to inform the residents of Naperville what we are up against. I have to wonder, in the 24 yrs. of having lived here in the same home, was council of this conduct when I first moved here with my children ??? I exited with the group that very night and came away in total disbelief and shock as to the callous indifference and silence so thick you could cut right through the air. This was my first time attending a council meeting. This type of behavior contradicts all the wonderful things people hear of Naperville and an abundance of “jolly responses to questions that appear to make our city a spectacular place to live”. As viewed on our home television station of Mayor Pradel. It is with the intent……………..that the children always have opportunities of what they need and that our schools will practically guarantee that upon graduation……… our children will know how to direct themselves facing that inquiring and unsuspecting world of employment and development within themselves. I don’t believe parents, let alone young children, were counting on an ominous threat of potential danger being affixed to our homes and, somehow, overlooked by council when it comes to defining the term………….”safety for our citizens”. What is the real reason we have to endure these high tech machines of improvement and why agree to something that hasn’t been fully investigated or researched ??? You don’t buy a car unless you test drive it first. Does Naperville symbolize that our city is no longer safe to inhabit ??? Many newcomers will never know the latest gadgets Naperville council plans to introduce to us. The worst part of it unfolds when……………….council is asked a question and there is silence. If council is afraid to answer and turns towards silence, then try lying to us, but at least we know there is a human underneath those tailored suits of promises for the people during election. These meters are under scrutiny in the UK and California and perhaps more states ??? Outrage and wanting them taken away. April 4, 2012 marks an evening of concern when Wheaton opens their doors at City Hall to their residents to ask questions about the proposed installation of Smart Meters. Anyone can attend and I would hope that I can witness a different council that may be brave enough to speak ??? This is the first time since I have lived here that I am reduced to embarrassment over the actions of valued council members, by the people, This is not the Naperville I remember and praise to others. Thank you and most definitely………………keep up the good work Watch Dog.

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