Naperville Smart Meter Awareness Group Video

Naperville Smart Meter Awareness Group

Government at any level be it federal, state, or local can be oppressive; that is the ‘nature of the beast’ in general. We vote those who represent us into office and hope they can govern with the best interests of those governed in the forefront. Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons those who we have elected disappoint citizens. Most members of the Naperville city council are classic examples of this disappointment. One exception to this rule is council member Doug Krause who continues to be the ‘voice’ for the citizens of Naperville. Sadly, he is a minority of one in this regard, and the citizens come up on the short end of council voting.

The Naperville city council (minus Krause) governs by using the three pillars of citizen-oppression, which are money, muscle, and neutralizing opposition. Money in the form of using tax dollars against or to control citizens, muscle in the form of ordinances and ‘using’ the local police to intimidate citizens, and neutralizing opposition by ‘demonizing’ or insulting those who question or challenge council decisions such as the on-going hot topic of installing ‘smart’ meters.

Let me make it perfectly clear that the city of Naperville has an outstanding police force including the police chief, and they have to take their orders, so the issue is not the actions of the police, the issue is with those who use the police force for their own political agenda.

You have to think that if our Founding Fathers could observe the actions of the Naperville city council and the response by the Naperville Smart Meter Awareness group, that the likes of Washington, Jefferson, Adams, Madison, Monroe, and Franklin would give a standing ovation to the leaders and members of the Naperville Smart Meter Awareness group for their courage to respectfully question authority.

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