Naperville City Council’s ‘Final Four’

Naperville City Council’s ‘Final Four’.

The results are in for the Naperville City Council pre-election voting and when all the dust settled four candidates were selected as the top four to join the Naperville City Council. They included one incumbent (GrantWehrli) and three new members including Patty Gustin, Steve Chirico, and Charlie Schneider. The results for all 12 candidates are listed below. The number next to the candidate’s name represents the percentage of voters who included that candidate as one of their four choices.

Patty Gustin 91%
Steve Chirico 77%
Grant Wehrli 71%
Charlie Schneider 38%
Wayne Floegel 31%
Bob Fieseler 30%
John Krummen 19%
Joe McElroy 13%
Richard Furstenau 11%
Ben Gross 7%
John Adair 6%
Tiffany Stephens 6%

Thank you to all who participated with their voting preference for the Naperville City Council.

We will be posting Watchdog endorsements for the Mayor of Naperville, along with our endorsements for the four open positions in the Naperville City Council on Friday 4/1.

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