It’s a New Day and a New Choice for the Mayor of Naperville

It’s a New Day and a New Choice for Mayor of Naperville

The Watchdog voting results are in for the Naperville Mayoral race between incumbent Mayor George Pradel, and councilmen Mayoral candidates Doug Krause and Kenn Miller. By a slim margin of 5% the voters selected Doug Krause as their choice for the position of Mayor in Naperville. The voting percentage breakdown was as follows:

Doug Krause      41%

George Pradel    36%

Kenn Miller       23%

The margin of error when compared to the general election on Tuesday April 5th is 100%, however the margin of error for votes received by the Watchdog group is in this voter’s preference election is 0%. In comparison, a recently released preference listed by the Naperville Tea Patriot’s group, posted the following results when equated to percentages as follows:

Doug Krause      38%

Kenn  Miller       35%

George Pradel     27%

Obviously the most important point of interest is that in both listings, Doug Krause was the preferred choice for Mayor of Naperville.

We received an astonishing response from our voting group which on one hand is extraordinary, yet on the other hand this voting group takes a more than active interest in following the actions of local government focusing on the decisions of the Mayor and the remainder of the Naperville City Council. If our Mayor and the Naperville City Council exhibited the same level of passion for the betterment of our city and its citizens as do the voters who responded to this pre-election vote, the need for the CityCouncilWatchdog most likely would not exist.

Thank you to all who participated in this voting preference for Mayor of Naperville.

We will be posting the Naperville City Council election results on Thursday.

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