Jaiswal Looks for a Mulligan

Nag Jaiswal, in a fairly short period of time, has drawn a lot of attention to himself. While new to the Naperville scene, he already has run for office twice. He ran for Park Board in 2021 and came in 7th out of 8 candidates. The eighth place finisher being someone that did not even run a campaign.

In 2023, Nag took another shot at elected office…this time running for council. This go around he fared better coming in 6th out of 11 candidates but still roughly 900 votes behind 5th place finisher Meghna Bansal.

From all indications on social media, Nag is gearing up to run for council again despite his initial lackluster campaigns. This time his campaign comes on the heals of his being bounced from his seat on the Naperville Housing Commission and, more dramatically, after his causing mass outcry and controversy over this tweet:

“Dear African American Brothers and Sisters: New arrivals in town. Arriving in millions, unchecked at the border ready to replace you. The system that kept you poor, dependent & unskilled will start ignoring you and then abandon you. Wake up. Unshackle. Vote wisely. #CloseTheBorder #VoteRedToSaveAmerica”

Numerous emails and speakers came to council to voice outrage over this post.

All of which begs the question, should Naperville voters give Nag a Mulligan…ie a do over? Should one bad tweet end a political career?

In this case the Watchdog says yes it should…at least for now. The 2025 cycle is appearing full of incumbents and well credentialed challengers. Let’s have an election focused on issues and not Nag’s poorly thought out tweet. Nag’s election showings were not much to write home about before his tweet and his discharge from the Housing Commission. What are his chances now?

It’s also worth asking why anyone would think Nag could handle the heavy duties of a councilman when he couldn’t handle the light duties of a Housing Commissioner…a commission which does virtually nothing.

Nag should get his Mulligan but not yet. Let’s see Nag do something positive in the community and run when he can add something positive to the election. Right now, Nag’s belief that he could win a very tough council election seems as dumbfounding as his decision to post his controversial tweet.

Wait it out Nag….if not for Naperville, for yourself….

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  1. Robert Hacker

    Watchdog what makes this tweet controversial ?

  2. Joan Murray

    Agree with the Watchdog again. His tweet was bad then his explanation was even worse. Local republicans don’t want nag to run because they know he won’t win city council and would just take some votes from
    other Republican candidates. Local Dems would like to see nag run, easy defeat.

  3. Naperville's Northern Liberation Front

    If the League of Women Voters gets their way, Nag and the other “also-rans” of history will remain nothing more embarrassing side notes in our process- not supported by the mainstream, and unable to compete in the beauty pageant popularity ranking they strive for our elections to become. Nag spoke words that are not acceptable in our society. And the mea culpa statements were even worse. Morally there is no philosophical trick that makes that level of ignorance acceptable for a public servant. This type of hate-mongering, jingoistic racism isn’t cool, it’s pathetic. Luckily, the vox populi has no room for those that would promote racially based competition for public resources.

    Know this, Nag, and others who would seek to drive a wedge of hatred between us to serve their corrupted hungers for power and validation- that crap is not welcome, it is not acceptable, and it is not forgivable. Nag has shown the true spirit of their belief, and we find it lacking in the every regard. And don’t ever put the phrase “#VoteRedToSaveAmerica in your nasty hating mouth, Nag. You are twisting that thought as a justification for bias. It isn’t, and you soil the social construct of “Red” with your thought. You are done, put a fork in this sad story and stop trying to make this episode okay.

    Furthermore, as this is beginning to become a question we are hearing- you do not need to seek the endorsement of the NNLF for any campaign that you undertake. You would not be considered. Our homogenous voting block representing Naperville on the Other Side of The Tracks has no patience for hatred- you’ve probably seen our yards signs that specify the many things that we don’t accept, specifically Hate not Having a Home Here.

    • Wally Greer

      Of course if you hate Jews, you will be welcomed in Naperville. Sad thing is most Americans are too stupid to realize that Iran is the real evil behind all this. Our mayor is too weak kneed to stand up to this antisemites in city hall. When will he get a backbone?

  4. Naperville's Northern Liberation Front

    Well, well Wally! I await exactly which part of this discussion took you down the “unchecked anti-semitism at City Hall” Candy Lane? That isn’t even what we were talking about, but since you brought it up… whoa Buckaroo, nobody in Naperville ascribes to your nonsense. Just as Naperville DOES NOT have a systemic racism problem, DOES NOT have a surfeit of Police that need defunding, and IS NOT Anti-Semitic on an institutional basis. That kind of slur has no place in an open discussion between civil persons, it is unacceptable speech, and I for one do not appreciate you describing Naperville as a home for Jew Hating. If you must speak your unsettling opinions as direct character assassination, please keep it behind closed doors, and amongst those who agree with your divisive hatred. Keep sweeping the whole City of Naperville up in this and you will find yourself facing more than just a witty riposte. You have also just lost any chance of an endorsement.

    • Wally Greer

      Well well well, just attend some recent city council meetings and watch the Palestinian protestors verbally abuse Jewish supporters of Israel as they depart City Hall, you might change your mind if you’d open your eyes.

  5. Wally Greer


    Not sure who runs the Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce, but wow! Have they jumped the shark or what! Honoring a goofy business like this and not one of the serious businesses in Naperville? NACC needs new leadership that promotes serious businesses not this dumb stuff.

  6. Naperville's Northern Liberation Front

    They are not welcome. Neither are the opposing voices. There is an utter lack of civility in our discourse about which side of the various genocides we are supposed to support. None of it acceptable. And let’s not compare credentials from the inside of Palestinian protests, these angry little circus clowns are nothing next to les barricades from Paris in ’68 . I have seen Palestinian rage from the wrong side of the riot control, and give no credence to the little antifa delinquents who are making noise here. Time to start acting like adults and get the topic back to something we should be talking about.

    • Wally Greer

      Opposing voices aren’t welcome? What you really mean is Jewish voices, since they are the “opposing voices.” Yet, all the Jewish opposing voices I have seen have been nothing but respectful in their comments and in their interactions with the radical Muslims at city hall. Not sure what planet you are from but respectful discourse is always welcome, bullies are not.

      • Joan Murray

        Wally you missed the Jewish voices attacking peaceful pro- Palestinians protestors at the riverwalk and he had to be removed by police. Stop pretending it’s one side causing the issue.

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