Bailout Frenzy Comes to Naperville

During the housing crash, America bailed out many of the banks and institutions who caused the crash.

During COVID, America unloaded billions in forgivable PPP loans in a completely reckless and haphazard manner. Is everyone enjoying the inflation that has resulted?

The Biden administration is now forgiving billions in school debt. Much of this debt resulting from obscene school loans incurred by students who pursued degrees with very limited marketability. Apparently it’s just fine for your local plumber or roofer to pay higher taxes now because – shockingly – the $300,000 in schools loans someone else incurred pursuing a Gender Studies degree proved financially unwise.

Now the bailout mentality comes to Naperville. NCTV is struggling financially … even after drastically reducing staff it is still in the red. It is now seeking money from the City to make its ends meet or it may no longer be able to keep its doors open.

No doubt NCTV has done very fine work over the years and it does a good job broadcasting council meeting and covering local sports. But their request for financial assistance raises a number of questions.

Is it really the place of a local government to bail out a not-for-profit with taxpayer funds? Such undertakings usually come from the State or federal level. Naperville’s budget has exploded over recent years – as has everyone’s tax bills (obviously except for Benny and Ian).

If NCTV were to go away, couldn’t a private company cover council meetings and local events? As much as we may be fond of and sentimental toward NCTV, the answer is clearly yes.

Also is it not a sizable conflict of interest for what is a news broadcasting body to become financially reliant on the council who it covers on air? State run media is not known for neutrality. Can we assume a nice uptick in coverage for council and those councilmen who supported them financially?

If Naperville does offer this support, who knocks on the door next? The Exchange Club has done great work and is supposedly hurting financially too…do we give them money too?

As print news can attest, society changes. Everyone has a video camera on their phone and a platform to put out and take in news on their social media. No aid package can change this reality.  The Watchdog encourages councilmen to help promote, cheer on, and sell NCTV. Giving NCTV taxpayer money is a bridge too far and seems unlikely to change the headwinds they face long term.

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  1. Robert Hacker

    Actually Benny and Ian’s taxes will explode as well, since they now will be paying property taxes.

  2. Jim Haselhorst

    The question of whether the city should help NCTV or not, is a good question. But implying it will open the “floodgates” is ludicrous. What NCTV provides to the community is unique and not in anyway comparable to anything done by any other non-profit in our community.

    Comparing NCTV to the Exchange Club is like comparing Naper Settlement to Chamber of Commerce, there simply is no rational jusification for such a comparison. It is more a poor attempt at fearmongering then critical thinking.

  3. Gerard H Schilling

    All one has to do is analyze the history of PBS and see how it morphed from a good idea into the liberal bastion of woke support and craziness. Better to let sleeping dogs lie than committing suicide by self-destruction.

  4. Ron Amato

    I haven’t heard about NCTV seeking a “bailout”, but NCTV already receives significant funding from the City. They are a “city obligation” under SECA. I personally support NCTV and believe that it is a great organization. They cover a lot of City events which is, I believe, why they have consistently received SECA grants outside of the SECA Commission’s process.

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