Is Naperville’s Council the United Nations Now?


Chicago folded. Albeit by one vote but they folded to a mob of relentless protestors who bullied its council into passing a resolution aimed at pressuring Israel to cease its military operations in Gaza. Since their victory, these same protestors (and new ones) are going to suburban cities asking for their communities to pass similar resolutions.

At the last Naperville council meeting, numerous speakers appeared and called for a “Ceasefire in Gaza” resolution to be passed by Naperville.

To what end is unclear. Is the protestors’ objective to intimidate and bully our local Jewish residents? Is it to flex political muscle? Is it to add drama and chaos to a political environment that is already neck deep in drama and chaos?

The Chicago resolution had no compelling effect in Israel. In fact, Tel Aviv ridiculed the Chicago resolution by passing their own aptly named “Ceasefire in Chicago” resolution.

Of late, numerous councilmen have accused others on the dais of political stunts and political theatre. There would be no greater pointless and insulting stunt then to go down the road of putting together a palatable City resolution that attempts to judge Israel’s response to a terror group that just killed well over 1,000 of its people. Would America be less forceful if Hamas had committed similar barbarism against our people on our land?

Naperville City Council, you are not the United Nations and no one elected any of you to weigh in on international political affairs. Please stay focused on Naperville. There has been more then enough drama here to keep all of you busy without adding to it.

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  1. Sam Nelson

    Nailed it. Just more useless grandstanding.

  2. james haselhorst

    These type of resolutions were almost unheard of 20 years ago. But once one city started passing these type of resolutions the organizations behind these resolutions(usually political parties) became empowered and started pushing for these type of resolutions in more and more cities. Thus our current situation.

    The fact is city governments have no authority beyond their own city limits. This resolution have little if any affect on what state and federal government organizations do. All they do is waste city resources on political issues that do nothing to benefit the residents of the city or do anything to improve the quality of life in these cities. They are nothing more then “feel good” resolutions that allow the people behind them to feel good about themselves while not actually doing anything to make the situation any better.

    The only solution to this kind of foolish waste of city resources is for elected officials to do their jobs and not engage in this kind of waste. Unfortunately in today’s currently polarized, division political atmosphere the career politicians in local government (no longer concern citizens interested in improving the city, and doing what is best for its residents) do not hesitate to engage in this waste to gain favor with various political factions. In short its screw the residents and do what is in their own best interest, which is getting re-elected or elected to higher office.

    Do I think we will see such a resolution come up at our own city council meeting? Yes, because, as recent actions by some members of city council clearly demonstrated, our city council is made up more of career politicians then concerned citizens.

  3. Kurt Dorr

    Funny, the nutjobs in Naperville want the city council to issue a proclamation on a ceasefire in Gaza. Who sits in the front row supporting this madness, Dianne McGuirre. They claim the Palestinians have “no place to go!” Hmm, wonder why that is? Egypt could take them. So could Jordan or Saudi Arabia yet they refuse. Hamas is a murderous cult and must be destroyed. The blood of the Palestinians is on Hamas and Hamas alone.

  4. james haselhorst

    Most of what you say is accurate, except for one thing. Why Dianne McGuire was seated in the front role.

    She was NOT THERE as any part of the effort to get City Council to approve a ceasefire resolution!!!

    She was at the city council meeting yesterday evening to support the efforts to have the members of city council that violated the city council’s decorum policy as well as violating the rules on how official city email accounts, office titles, an other city resources can be used by members of city council.

    There were roughly half a dozen people that spoke on this issue last night, reading from emails damning evidence of this type of behavior brought to light by a FOIA request.

    An if you actually watched this meeting in its entirety you are fully aware of this. So either you did not watch fully or you are deliberately spreading what you know to be misinformation.

    *** I do not always agree with Dianne McGuire but I do respect her enough to not let this kind of blatantly false personal attack go unchallenged. ***

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