Infrastructure Expense Increases, Electric Service Revenue Decreases

Infrastructure expense in Naperville has skyrocketed from about $60 million in 2019, to nearly $100 million two years later, and is now knocking on the door of $140 million in 2023, while revenue from electric service is down $20 million over the last five years. The very thing  the City of Naperville has been pushing (solar energy) is causing problems for Naperville’s 2024 budget.

City officials don’t consider the ramifications of their financial decisions. The reason is they can always squeeze it out of residents with rate increases. They ask residents to sacrifice, residents comply, and they are rewarded with rate increases to make up for lost revenue.

This happened a number of years ago when Naperville was going thru a drought, and in an effort to deal with the situation, Naperville city officials ‘asked’ residents to conserve their water usage, and issued fines to residents when they didn’t follow watering guidelines. Residents complied with the new rules resulting in water rate increases. The city announced that residents did such a good job of conserving water usage, rates would have to be increased because of lost revenue from lower water consumption.

As more and more households and businesses switch to solar energy, whatever money they save will be confiscated by city officials in the form of increased rates for something.

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  1. Gerard H Schilling

    It never fails. When federal, state, or local government decides to mandate what should be regulated by market conditions and competition it always results in double or triple the cost to the taxpayer!

    This total nonsense of renewables like wind turbine, solar panels, and ethanol or grass to oil conversions are not only idiotic but also cost double to triple than good old fossil fuels.

    Converting to electric cars, ovens, hot water heaters, hvac will overload the electric grids and cause massive blackouts and brownouts. But that’s what these nitwits want, isn’t it?

    The only real solution is to vote these morons out of office while you still have a chance. The cause of global warming is and always has been the sun’s cyclical energy output.

  2. Hang on to your wallets

    The size of the City budget is ballooning at an unsustainable rate (10-15 percent a year). Creating more and more new positions (ex: DEI director, sustainability director) and going out of the way to – needlessly – get roped into expensive litigation (such as the gun issue that has already been dealt with at a State level) all carries financial consequence. Now inflation too? Hang on to your wallets…

  3. Jim Haselhorst

    The reality is that during the lean years back in 2008 the city cut just about all its infrastructure maintenance and improvement spending. This continued thru 2010.

    The result was a back log of infrastructure that needed major repairs or out and out replacement. A back log the city is just starting to catch up on.

    The cutting of these expenses for roughly 3 years only compounded the infrastructure problems and kick the infrastructure “can” down the road. Down the road to higher costs and bigger projects, which can only be paid for by increased rates.

    The ideas that solar energy is the source of lower use is a case of ignoring all the energy efficient appliances, TVs, HVAC, etc systems that people are replacing older such household items with. This is happening for a variety of reasons but the impact is far greater then that of solar panels being installed. As well as battery backup systems like Tesla Powerwall, which can charge at night during the lower rates and power the house during the day when rates are higher.

  4. Anonymous

    So much for conservatives being fiscally responsible.

  5. Anonymous

    And of course the local Democrats complained about the last City Council election and the supposed planting of a Democrat opponent on ballot yet they can’t even follow the rules! And all we hear about this from lefty’s in Naperville is crickets. I hope Sullivan get’s a nice hefty fine. Just follow the rules and this won’t happen to you.

  6. Jim Haselhorst

    First the DuPage Policy Journal is not a real paper. It, itself, is exactly what it claims the mailing by Sullivan’s PAC to be. This “journal” is part of a larger organization founded, lead and funded by a member of the radical right. This is undeniable a gold plated example of the Pot calling the Kettle black.

    Second, this complaint about Sullivan could open a can a worms the right might have better lefts closed. Coyne has, using his “Safe Suburbs USA” PAC, done similar mailings in past elections as has Wehrli with his NaperPAC.

    Finally, this is just a hearing not a criminal case. Its purpose is to gather more information to determine if their is evidence to support the claim of this mailing being illegally funded by Sullivan’s PAC. There are no charges pending against Sullivan. So, in fact the ISBE is not claiming Sullivan violated any rules as implied by this post.

    • Joan Murray

      True. DuPage policy journal has a portal where local right wing activists submit stories. It’s a fake paper. Not objective and they don’t correct any errors, they also have no writers.

    • Anonymous

      Once again Haselhorst puts words in my mouth I never said. Number one, not once did I claim it was a criminal matter. Nice try Jim, you really can’t read, can you? Number two, Jim attempts to smear the story simply because the DuPage Policy Journal reported it, yet once again Jim ignored what the article actually said and what the committee that reviewed the case said. Are you suggesting, Jim, that the DuPage Policy Journal made up the story? If so, you really do need a course in reading comprehension.

      • Jim Haselhorst

        The DuPage Policy Journal does not vet its “articles”, so yes it has published that contend many false claims and in so cases were completely wrong. In no of these case has this “journal” ever retracted or corrected any of these “article”. It is widely know it is publication is nothing more then a media used by the far right to push its agenda. Have you even bothered to compare what this “article” says to what articles in other publications have said on this issue?

        Perhaps it is you that needs to take some courses in reading comprehension since what I said was this is not a criminal case. Specifically what I wrote was “Finally, this is just a hearing not a criminal case”. So clearly you are the one put word in the mouths of others, not me.

        The members of this board are not worn law officers so it can not conduct criminal investigations, only review to determine if election regulations were violated and today this board has made no such ruling against Sullivan. Just because this board decides to conduct a hear on an issue does not mean anyone has done anything wrong. These hears serve only to gather facts and issue reports on their findings.

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