Hey Chicago, Keep ‘Em!

While every year around here, Chicago Bears fans huddle together and celebrate the beginning of a new year.  Everyone is 0-0 and there is nothing but promise and upside due the next 17+ weeks.  Now entering week 3, the bears are 0-2 and while not mathematically eliminated from playoff contention, they certainly seem destined for a top draft pick in 2024.

It was not that long ago that the Bears would tease a move to Naperville for their stadium.  Not sure where they would put a stadium, but the prospect sounds like a money maker for the city of Naperville.  Unfortunately, those talks have slowed down and there have been more discussions with other suburbs including Waukegan.  Since the team has tried new coaches but previously picked QBs, new QBs but established coaches, new general managers to no avail.  One thing they have not tried:  new ownership.  Before that last option, they are thinking a change of scenery perhaps.

In the opinion of this humble Bears fan (who will be going into hibernation this season), Chicago can keep ’em.  When the Bears are asking (on their secondary market) for $150 to $800+ per ticket on their website to see a fledgling product, I say Chicago can keep ’em.

As The Old Man Parker said in A Christmas Story, “Chicago Bears, well more like Chicago Chipmunks maybe, but Bears never.”

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