Retraction Of Posting

Just when I thought I could put the topic of concrete  in my rear-view mirror, Naperville councilman Patrick Kelly brought to my attention that I totally misread the outcome of the vote regarding the cost-sharing program  for sidewalk repair / replacement.

Councilman Kelly wrote the following email to me:

“I hope all is well.  I thought I would reach out quickly because I saw your last couple of posts about the sidewalk cost sharing, and wanted to let you know that the 6-3 vote was actually to keep things the way the have been.  I think it might have been a little confusing because I think Councilwoman Taylor made the motion and Councilman Holzhauer seconded it and they wanted to make a change so that the cost would be put in the general fund (as opposed to the adjacent resident paying a portion as it is now) but their motion was to approve the staff recommended program (which was to keep things the way they are now) and they voted against their own motion, but the motion carried 6-3, I believe with Taylor, Holzhauer and Longenbaugh voting no.  So, even though I think there is a reasonable argument to be made on both sides of the issue, the long story short is that no changes were made for now.  Sorry for any confusion there might have been, and I hope you are enjoying your father’s day so far.”

Thanks to councilman Patrick Kelly for catching Watchdog’s error, and my apology to all those who thought the City was picking up the total cost of sidewalk repair or replacement. City-wide joy and excitement was a bit premature.

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    • Anonymouse

      So would you rather have a Doctor or Lawyer that was admitted to medical school or law school based on the color of their skin, rather than their test score and academic achievements, treat you or represent you?

      DEI is nothing but more leftist nonsense led by the likes of Dianne McGuire, Nancy Turner, Holly Hootman, Laura Ellman, Anne Stava-Murray, Allison Longenbaugh, Benny White and Kim White. It’s a one way street to disaster.

      • NaperGuys

        You obviously don’t understand what equity is.

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