How We Do It On The South Side

After moving to Tinley Park after being raised in Naperville most of my life, I didn’t have much insight as to how Tinley was governed.  I did know that I was moving to the “south side” and would typically be alone when it came to rooting for the Cubbies (fan since I met Mr. Cub).

My lack of knowledge in the realm of Tinley politics all changed during the 2019 election when things got heated between two parties fighting for power within the village of Tinley Park.

The upstart “One Tinley Park” was represented by William Brennan, Michael Mueller and Diane Galante in the 2019 election.  They unseated Michael J. Pannitto, John W. McGuire and John A. Curran of the political party “Concerned Citizens for Tinley Park”.

Diane Galante has since parted ways with the One Tinley Park in her words to The Patch: “I left the group [One Tinley Park] after becoming concerned about the actions of members of the group not being in the best interest of the people, and the lack of independent thinking welcomed within the group.”  That is a far cry from her candidate announcement video.  Thanks to the beauty of the internet, you can now watch this video from November 3, 2018 as now current village Mayor Michael W. Glotz (Mayor of Village of Tinley Park since April 2021) introduces his friend (at the time).

Fast forward 4 years to May 17, 2022 when Diane Galante was voted to be removed from the Village Board Meeting.  Time is a fickle thing.

To further catch you up on other political goings-on in Tinley Park:

  • September 2019:  Illinois Racing Board approves a Racino planned for the 280 acres in Tinley Park that was formerly occupied by the Tinley Park Mental Health Center
  • October 2019:  Gov. J.B. Pritzker holds up plans for the 280 acres owned by the state to be sold to the Village of Tinley Park based on accusations into the perspective Racino owner
  • September 20, 2022:  Mayor Glotz put out his public statement regarding the Illinois SAFE-T Act
  • November 2022:  Tinley Park District puts forward their plan to develop the former mental health center land into athletic fields and a stadium.  The Village of Tinley Park wants to buy it also?
  • January 17, 2023: The Village of Tinley Park passes resolution 2022-R-006 which awarded a contract to Mad Bomber fireworks productions out of LaPorte, Indiana for July Independence Event (at the estimated cost of $50,000) announced it will hold their fireworks to celebrate Independence Day on July 3, 2023.  This negates the Tinley Park District from holding their 40-year tradition of a July 4 event.

Now that you are somewhat caught up Tinley Park, let’s move to the current ballot.  While some people have issues with mail ballots, I have adopted to having this form of voting as my way to have my voice heard.  Cook County does offer “Permanent Vote By Mail” as they highlight on the Cook Couty Clerk’s Office website, but I think it should be worth the effort to fill out the form for each election separately.  I learned to adapt to this form of voting because of an incident in 2019 when I took my then grade-school aged daughter to her school so I could perform my civic duty.

Walking up to the school with my daughter and explaining to her the importance of voting and all the different things that politics can affect in our lives, I noticed two individuals who were arguing with each other.  The gentleman was holding a “Concerned Citizens for Tinley Park” sign and the woman held her “One Tinley Park” sign.  As we approached, we could see the two get a little physical with one another as they grabbed each other’s sign in disgust and lobbed several “adult” words they likely didn’t want any preteen to hear.

We walked past and I proceed to vote inside.  After witnessing the kerfuffle outside, I solemnly yet dejectedly handed my daughter the “I Voted” sticker I earned.

We began the walk home from the polling place and again watched in amazement as the two “adults” continued to enjoy their fracas.  Needless to say, I told my daughter that “some people are very passionate about politics” trying to be as, for lack of a better term, as political as possible considering the circumstances.  So this is why I vote by mail.  Thank you, you nameless candidates.

But I digress and roll my sleeves up to the 2023 election.  With the infighting between the park district and the village, the one tinley park and formerly one tinley park and now mudslinging via mailers and supposed vandalism, I will be keeping my head on a swivel for this one as I complete, seal and sign my mail in ballot.

The latest is this video allegedly showing Tinley Park District candidate Daniel Flores destroying a competing sign.

Remember, in my experience, this is how we do it on the south side.  Here’s hoping that cooler heads prevail and Tinley Park is finally able to do something positive and cost effective with those 280 acres.

Now…to convince the City Council Watchdog to move to Tinley Park.

Eamus Catuli! (Go Cubs!)

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  1. Jim Haselhorst

    The federal government rules on section 8 housing make it impossible to find a good, well funded developer that would be willing to develop the properties around the train station under these limits.

    There are plenty of sketchy developers that would promise to do it, but the slightest shift in the economic tides and the city will find itself with an incomplete project that no one is willing to take on. The site would then likely seat around unfinished for years before the city has to pay someone to demo the site.

    There are plenty of other parcels of land in Naperville that would be better suited for a section 8 development and more likely to be successfully developed. And in the end that is what really matters, more affordable housing, not the location.

  2. Anonymous

    This is how diversity of thought should be tolerated. Notice how everyone is respectful and let’s the speaker finish his speech without interruption? Unfortunately the DEI crowd in Naperville would never allow this, even though they purport to support diversity of thought. How ironic.

    • anonymous

      Unfortunately the old guard in town doesn’t like diversity and would love to ban gay marriage. This towns good old boys club has become very divisive once they started to lose elections. They would prefer to have naperville back to its sun down town ways.

  3. Lynda W

    Thanks for the heads up. I told my friends and think we have a large group of friends now to change their vote to the progressive candidates.

  4. Nancy Turner

    Please remove the comment pretending to be from Dianne McGuire and Nancy Turner. It’s not from us nor from Indivisible Naperville

    • Watchdog Admin

      Removed as requested. Thank you

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