Just Get The Name Right

Puknaitis, Tonkovich, and Kotowski, no, it’s not a law firm, nor is it a vaudeville comedy team, it’s the Naperville Fire Chief (Mark Puknaitis) and two brave Naperville police officers.

During the December 6th Naperville city council meeting, the fire chief recognized the two officers for their “heroic efforts to control a vehicle fire after a rollover crash with an occupant trapped inside. They kept the fire from spreading until the fire department arrived to extinguish the fire and extricate the victim”.

Watch and listen as the NFD chief acknowledges the police officers:

Bravery indeed. It would have been nice if Puknaitis would have mentioned officer Kotowski’s first name correctly as ‘Jim’ and not ‘Mike’. Luckily the Chief had a helper quickly come to the rescue with the correct first name.

Chances are we have all had that happen at one time or another. I had it happen while making a presentation to a doctor. I injected his name into the presentation as Dr. Martinez no less than four times, only to find out at the end that his name was Dr. Gonzalez.  I didn’t make the sale, but I did get an education…make sure to get the name right!

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