Mayor Chirico Surrenders To Small Woke Group

It’s a good thing that Naperville Mayor Steve Chirico is not the owner of Kentucky Derby winner Rich Strike, because if he was, the 80-1 underdog would never have run in the Derby. The prevailing thought would have been why run, if you’re going to get beat. In fact, why do anything if you can’t win.

Unfortunately that’s the position the mayor took when considering moving his nominees forward for a vote at the last city council meeting. At issue were two nominees, former city council member Kevin Coyne for the library board, and Shannon Adcock to the Special Events and Cultural Amenities Commission; Coyne was approved, while Adcock never made it to an up or down vote.

What happened to Adcock? The mayor reviewed numerous candidates and Adcock was originally his choice. Chirico said that Adcock was more than qualified and willing to work, along with being professional, polite, and prepared, but a small, vocal group of naysayers and pronoun wizards caused the mayor to fold and back down on his support for Adcock. She was never given the opportunity for a vote.

Chirico said that when he read comments on social media about Adcock, he had reservations about continued support for her. If comments about anybody on social media can cause that type of response from the mayor, then nobody would ever be allowed to volunteer, let alone get hired for a paying job. Chirico continued, “we want people who are going to make positive contributions to our community”. If that’s true, then Adcock should have been allowed a vote from city council. Let’s see exactly who would have voted for or against her appointment. Who was Chirico protecting by not allowing the vote, the nominee from losing, or certain council members from being outed as hypocrites.

Adcock is the founder of Awake Illinois, a right-leaning organization that questions school programming on diversity, inclusion, and equity (DIE), and also promotes mask-freedom from mandates, among other topics of personal freedom.

I enjoy ‘baseball, hot dogs, and apple pie’, would that preclude me from being accepted to volunteer for Naperville’s Adopt-A-Drain program by a group of vegetarian, football fans, who like cherry pie?

Mayor Chirico was a high school wrestling champion. I doubt if he ever backed out of a match because he might lose, and I doubt he ever walked off the mat halfway through a match because he might lose. In basketball, you always miss 100% of the shots you never take. Mayor Chirico needed to allow Shannon Adcock the opportunity to take a shot with a vote.

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  1. Jim Haselhorst

    “pronoun wizards”?

    The supporters of transgender rights are no more “pronoun wizards” then the supporters of women’s rights are “gender wizards” or the supporters of gay rights are “sex preference wizards”

    Using “creative” words or phrases to marginalize the beliefs and positions of transgender supporters is an old political tactic that is basically a attempt to avoid discussing the issue all together.

    This political tactic was used in the 1800 against the movement to get women the right to vote by calling them suffragette, in the sixty women’s rights advocates were called feminist and black activist were called the n-word to marginalize them.

    McCarthy called everyone that disagreed with him communists and use the authority of this position to destroy his political adversaries.

    Lets be clear this is another case of politicizing an issue of basic human rights to justify denying transgenders the same rights and government protects everyone else is provided.

    Genders change is not a sexual perversion as some want everyone to believe. It is no more a perversion then the gender identity everyone feels. Nor is it a violation of nature. Gender change is actually a very common occurrence in nature. These same arguments were made for decades to justify denying gay rights and have been repeatedly proven to be wrong.

    The claims that transgenders are sexual predators has also been proven wrong by studies done in both England and Sweden. Transgenders are no more likely to be sexual predators then any other member of society.

    So anyone attempting to marginalize this issue to justify denying transgender rights and prevent there inclusion in society based on their gender preference is using a political podium to promote denying basic human rights.

    As to Shannon, I have repeatedly invited her to have a completely transparent and public discussion of her position on transgender right which she completely, repeatedly ignored. I can not help but seeing a person who campaigned on transparency repeatedly avoiding responding to these invitations as a disqualifying factor for any government position.

    Further it is important to remember that these appointments are at the mayor’s discretion. Just like with gubernatorial and presidential appointments. They are not subject to popular vote or legislative lobbying.

    There are numerous examples over the last couple of decades of such nominations being withdrawn and not being put to legislative approval. Doing so is not about a “lose” it is about realizing that the issues raised about these candidates would only impair their ability to do the job and cast doubt on the credibility of the position they would hold.

    Appointing someone to a position in this situation would be setting that person up to fail and creating a no win scenario for everyone. Every action and decision made by this person would be under constant scrutiny and would be challenged at every public forum available.

  2. Kurt Dorr

    You are 100% correct. Sad state of affairs. Who knew Naperville was sooo racist before Kim White came along!

    • Jim Haselhorst

      So exactly what has Kim White done that is so “racist”?

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