Naperville Most Favored City To Reside And Raise Family

Considering the United States no longer has a southern border and tens-of-thousands of people from throughout the world are heading to our country, what better place to live than Naperville.

Naperville, once again, has been chosen as the best place to live and raise a family by American Home Shield, a home warranty company. If you are from anywhere in the world, and you can run, jump, or swim, the former border is no problem. Naperville is the desired destination. Once across the former border, grab a plane, train, automobile, bus, or truck at no charge, and in no time you can be living in Naperville.

The advantage for Naperville city officials, is the issue of low income housing would no longer be an issue, wherever you are is where you are living. State of Illinois officials would also be delighted with the influx of voters.

Naperville did rank lower in a couple of categories including cost-of-living and freezing-cold winters. With the massive increase in population, the issue of cost-of-living should level out quickly. Regarding the brutal cold winters, if global warming is truly a real thing, then that should take care of itself within a millennium or two.

Looks like good times are ahead for Naperville.

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