Naperville Councilwoman Gustin Looking For Soft Landing In District 5 County Race

Naperville councilwoman Patty Gustin is preparing to get ousted by term limits, which works in her benefit, since exiting by term limits is far better than losing re-election to the council if it was an option.

Gustin is setting her sight as a Republican in the June 28th primary for the DuPage County Board currently occupied by three Democrats.

In a statement February 4th, Gustin said “it’s time to lead toward the brightness of our future, not the ‘unstableness’ of the past years”. Not exactly sure what she means by that, but it sounds impressive, which is a stable of Gustin’s style on the city council; saying things that don’t always make sense. Gustin plans to accomplish her goal of leading ‘towards the brightness’ by ‘protecting the children’; it’s always about the children, isn’t it. Yet, she has done absolutely nothing to help children by remaining quiet about masking children in school.

Gustin also wants to grow the economy and end needless taxes. Sounds great if you’re running for office. But what has she done supporting those ideals as a member of the city council? Not much if anything.

Does Gustin even remember what she said she would do if elected to the city council, and if so, what has she done to fulfill these commitments to residents:

  • Keep families safe
  • Keep taxes low
  • Balance the budget
  • Keep Naperville affordable
  • Make sure voices are heard
  • Helping veterans
  • Making government cost-effective
  • Help seniors remain in Naperville

Candidate Gustin needs to be held accountable for what she says, and what she hasn’t accomplished.

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