DIE In Naperville Is City Council Goal

If you want to make a problem about something, simply start talking about it. It happened in Naperville when a woman noticed a bee in her birdbath, she complained about it to the Naperville city council, and within a short period of time the city council created an ordinance making it more difficult for honey bees to do their thing.

If somebody wants to complain about the bark on trees being too thin, that will become the focus of a problem in Naperville. Dogs barking too loud and too long can be a problem if someone wants to start talking about it. If the city council thinks it will generate some votes, they are all too willing to start creating an ordinance on the topic.

I’ve been living in Naperville since 1978 and never did I know that we have a problem with diversity, inclusion, and equity, of all places family-friendly Naperville. How did this happen? Was it incremental or did it happen overnight? Apparently the city council thought they’d better do something about it before we become like Geneva, Lake Forest, Barrington, or Hinsdale. So about a year ago they hired a manager to oversee diversity, inclusion, and equity (DIE) which came with an approximate six-figure income. Good for the new manager, and good for the city council, it makes them look like they are addressing a problem. But what are the taxpayers getting for the six-figure expense?

The Naperville city council seldom applies the Paul Harvey principle which is “now for the rest of the story”, in essence what’s been accomplished other than checking a box that someone was hired. Rather than burying that person into the inky shadows of the Municipal Center deep within corridors seldom seen, let’s get an update. In a year, something must have been accomplished other than just listening. Is Naperville a better city than it was a year ago, and if so, in what way is it better. Inquiring minds would like to know.

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  1. Gerard Schilling

    Oh, yes, we are! We have now closed all city offices because of a flu-like virus which has less lethality than the bird flu we used to have annually. No doubt OUR DIE Manager in deference to our hypochondriacal mayor and councilmen had them vote on closure to feed the laziness and couch potatoeness of our city employees and blame it and everything else on the phony pandemic.

    • Jim Haselhorst

      Please write letters to the families of the over 800,000 citizens that have die from this “phony pandemic” telling them how their loved ones aren’t really dead.

      • Chicago Style Popcorn

        If we speak candidly let’s do so completely. The majority of those deaths are people who are passing with covid, not from covid. If the “experts” would listen to all science instead of propaganda we may be saving lives by treating with therapeutics. The so called government experts have created nothing but chaos and have been correct on basically nothing. The shutdowns have caused major financial disruptions, suicides from isolation, and overdose deaths from those not able to seek help for their disease. The government has offered up one part of society in the attempt to save the other part and they didn’t even do a mediocre job at it.

        • Jim Haselhorst

          That entire argument actually comes for an FDA report on COVID-19 deaths. This report talked about co-morbidity. Unfortunately the FDA did not do a very good job of defining co-morbidity in this report(they were targeting this report toward healthcare professionals who understand what co-morbidity is and don’t need to have it explained to them).

          Co-morbidity is not a cause of death, it is a factor that weaken the bodies ability to fight off an illness or contributes to the development of an illness. So it can be a contributing factor but it is never a cause of death.

          Also this report listed all commonly know co-morbidities. Only a very small percentage of these were things like Cancer, Heart Disease, injuries from an accident, etc). The overwhelming majority of these co-morbidities were obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, asthma,etc, which are all things that are never listed on a death certificate as the cause of deaths. They have always been, and always will be co-morbidities since people with these medical conditions always die from some other fatal medical conditions these co-morbidities contributed to the development of.

          Basically this whole argument, of people that died from COVID-19 not really dying from COVID-19, is only taken seriously by a handful of obscure groups on the Internet. No professional in healthcare takes this argument seriously. Basically because they spend weeks in the ICU attending to these people, trying to save their lives and they have no doubts as to what killed them.

          Finally, things like respiratory failure from a lung infection is not a listed symptom of cancer, heart disease, or accident injury so none of these could possible be the medical disease that kills a person by lung failure. This is the major symptom and condition caused by COVID-19.

          • Chicago Style Popcorn

            People who are actively dying from other known ailments, whether from Cancer, heart failure, Alzheimers, etc. do not die from Covid simply because they test positive. But yet our government is still counting these as Covid deaths. This is something that has never occurred before. Before Covid was introduced into our world a physician/hospitals would never have listed a person who died from cancer as dying from the flu simply because they tested positive. If someone was in ICU and dies from injuries from a car accident a physician/coroner doesn’t say that swine flu killed them. Why would the experts do this? They know better.
            You can continue to bow down to the CDC throne, even though they’ve been wrong on EVERYTHING. Dr. Robert Malone, Dr. Peter McCullough and experts like them have been speaking out since the beginning of this pandemic and they’ve been spot on about everything. It’s mind boggling how the masses continue to follow science that encourages staying home, not seeking treatment, until you can’t breathe. Makes no sense. I’ll be following the scientists and physicians who encourage early treatment and speak their expert opinion even if it means they’re possibly jeopardizing their careers. That makes sense to me, not experts who have become millionaires for being government bureaucrats.
            I’ve had loved ones who follow the CDC protocol pass away from this virus. Other family and friends follow early therapeutic treatment and not one of them has succumbed to covid.
            Please at least listen to a few of these doctors, it may be beneficial for you or someone you love. Reach out if you ever seek guidance for who to talk to about early treatment. God Bless!

          • Chicago Style Popcorn

            Fear, the suppression of early treatment, discrimination and segregation against the unvaccinated, increase in fentanyl overdose deaths, suicide, poverty from the mandated closures, the loss of education and instruction for children is the REAL pandemic.
            Society is offering up all of these people rather than attempting to work together to try and help those who may suffer greatly from covid exposure. They want us divided and it’s working. Families divided, countries divided and hate being sewed at an alarming level. Love will win, at least in my home and I pray that more will open their eyes to what is really occurring.

          • Jim Haselhorst

            First almost all the CDC policies in place today were put in place during the Trump, republican, administration not the Biden, democrat, administration. And there is a very good reason to blame Trump for the fact that the US has some of the worst pandemic numbers in the world. He did nothing but try to distract the public from paying attention to this pandemic and not take it seriously. Something that he, by the way, admitted to doing last October when he said on national tv that he knew how dangerous this virus was from the beginning but lied to the public because he did not want them panicking. Yeah, much better that they die from this virus then be concerned for their safety.

            Second there has never been a vaccine that was 100% effective at preventing someone from getting infected so why should the COVID-19 vaccine be held to a standard that has never existed before and that no one has ever claimed it could do? And yes if you get an infection from any contagious disease you are going to be infections, that’s what infectious diseases do! Again nothing new here and no one in the healthcare industry has ever claimed a person infected with an infections disease is not contagious. Not sure were you are getting this ridiculous ideas from but believing them does not make them true.

            As to your two doctors, there positions on treatment and prevention have changed (evolved) during this pandemic just like everyone else, as more is learned about this virus and disease. That you can find doctors that would promote beliefs not consistent with the evidence or the standards of the medical community is hardly surprising. There once was a study done were over 500,000 scientist were asked about the origins of humanity. 700 responded that they believe in creationism over evolution. Does the fact that a faction of a percent of these scientists believed in creationism mean evolution is invalid and all the science proving it is wrong? No of course not, it is part of human nature that there will always be people in the general population that believe such things (like my previous example of flat earthers). The existence of these people does not nullify all the facts, data and science that disagrees with what they believe.

            Government does not only exist to protect the public but actually has a duty to do this. Sometimes that is going to mean requiring people to do thing they do not agree with (like requiring seat-belts and airbags, requiring child safety seats, limiting purchase of alcohol, tobacco, etc to certain age groups, require school age children to get the MMR and other vaccinations, etc)but that does not eliminate the duty government has put this requirement into place. And just because people support the government doing these things does not mean they are sheeple. Marginalizing people by using labels that imply they are stupid or ignorant because they support thing contrary to what you support doesn’t make you right.

        • Jim Haselhorst

          Not everyone that has a terminal condition or illness dies from that illness. A person with alzhiemers or cancer can still die in a car accident and the cause to death is listed as car accident. They can also catch the seasonal flu and die from it. In these cases the cause of death is what killed them not the illness that might have one day eventually killed them. It has always been this way and always will be.

          If a person with a terminal condition is placed in an ICU because they have respiratory difficulties caused by a COVID infections and they die it was COVID that caused their death not the terminal condition, which may have been a co-morbidity.

          And the FDA, CDC and medical community are not recommending people stay at home and do nothing until they are to sick to be helped. In fact the whole point of the vaccination program promoted by these communities as a whole is to prevent this exact thing from happening. It is interesting you should make this accusation against these communities and then mention Dr Malone, who actively recommends against the vaccine and its use. Further the medical community has been very active in finding proven, peer reviewed treatments, that save lives. The FDA approval of the three new drugs for home use in treatment for people exposed or in the early stages of a COVID infections are clear proof of the fallacy of most of what you have said.

          As to Dr. McCullough, who’s sole recommendation is now ivermectin, he previous made hydroxychloroquine his sole recommended treatment and before that it was zinc. The fact is there are no peer-reviewed studies that support any claims that any of these treatments are actually effective at treating or preventing COVID-19. In fact there have been several peer-reviewed studies that show these treatments do not work. I will also point out that this cardiologist promotes the idea of “permanent immunity” which no one has ever accepted before. If it is possible to get “permanent” immunity how come people that have had the flu in the past get it again? Better yet how come people that have had a cold in the past still get colds? There are dozens of peer-reviewed studies that documents the fact of thousand of people that have gotten COVID and recovered that caught COVID again. The idea of “permanent” immunity is complete lunacy.

          Now you can say that peer-reviewed studies mean nothing and the “science” these doctors provide is all the proof you. But I can provide you with a list of doctors that also believe the earth is flat and can provide you with their “science” to prove this belief. Does that mean you believe the earth is flat? That we should all believe the earth is flat?

          As to having loved ones, friends and acquaintances that have followed the CDC guidelines and died from COVID, there are few people in this country that can not make that claim. For me this list include my father who die from COVID this past September. The fact is no one is claiming following these recommendations are a 100% guarantee that you will not get sick and die. These recommendations are intended to remediate risk and lower the chance of getting sick from COVID and dying. Not ever the doctors you listed are claiming their recommendations are a 100% guarantee. If you can accept their recommendations without this guarantee how come you are insisting the CDC, FDA and medical communities have to do this to be creditable?

          The fact is studies show this recommendations are working to reduce cases and deaths, which is all recommendations can do. You can follow all the recommendation to prevent a heart attack and still die from a heart attack. There are lots of people that follow all the recommendations and still develop stage four cancer and die. But the fact remains that the overwhelming majority of people that follow this recommendation do, in fact, not die from these diseases.

          Finally, as to reaching out. That is going to be pretty hard for anyone reading anything you post to do since you insist on using an alias in order to remain anonymous.

        • Jim Haselhorst

          As to dividing this country that was started by the second presidential primary campaign of Ronald Reagan. His promotion of ideas like RINOs, compromise as a bad thing, and the my way or the highway agenda started this rift in the US society. Started the promotion of the ideas that if you do not think like me, believe what I believe, do not support my position 100% then you are the problem and you are not to be tolerated, not to talked to, not to be included. Reagan was not part of the government when he did these things and it has not been the government that is promoting and widening this rift in our society it is political organizations and populous politicians. But I will give these politicians and the political organization they a part of, credit for doing a very good job of making the government the scapegoat in all of this.

          In the case of the current pandemic the politician personifying this is Trump. He started making the pandemic a political issue rather then a public health issue when he insisted he knew more about pandemics and the spread of contagious diseases then the doctors and scientists that have dedicated their live to preventing this and ending these kind of epidemics. Insisting nothing needed to be done because this disease would go away in a few week. And when that didn’t happen it was, it will burn itself out soon. And then it was, the warm weather of summer will end it. And finally, rather then admit he was wrong he started to blame others. The Chinese, the democrats, the scientific community, the healthcare community, etc. It was everyone else’s failure but his.

          Of all the harms Trump caused this country, his greatest harm was making this pandemic, not just a political issue but a polarized political issue. If you want to hate anyone for the current pandemic situation, blame anyone for the social rift it has resulted in, then you need to blame Trump.

          If you can not see that. If you can not accept that. Then you are as much of the problem as anyone else, because you can not start fixing this rift and bring this country’s citizenry back together without first accepting the cause of the that rift.

          • Chicago Style Popcorn

            Blame Trump, blame trump, blame trump, ten years from now you’ll still be saying the same thing. I’m loyal to country not party so continue to bash the side you hate. Trump had a big mouth but the Democrat party is actively imposing rules that discriminate and segregate their citizenry. Those vaccinated with the covid therapeutic jab can still catch and transmit covid but yet the Illinois health department, government and local school districts have separate quarantining rules for those exposed, when everyone knows both can still catch and transmit. Everything this hateful administration does is purely punitive at this point, comply or else. If Trump were the current president imposing these heinous, hateful rules your head would probably explode.
            If you think Dr. McCullough or Malone’s sole recommendations are Ivermectin and HCQ you clearly have not listened to a word they said, probably just read the left leaning fact checks. Just continue to look through your tunnel vision and parrot your party’s talking points because it probably makes you feel good that you’re fighting for “your side.”
            Historically, the good guys were not those demanding censorship, segregation, propaganda and papers to move freely in society.
            I’m sure you’ll reply because that’s what you do but this will be it for me. It’s evident you’re partial to your party’s demands.

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