The Plan: Keep One Eye On Weather, Other Eye On Leaves

Extreme confidence is a gift that not all of us possess. Joe Namath had it when the New York Jets beat Johnny Unitas and the Baltimore Colts in Super Bowl III. Mohammad Ali had it when he beat nearly everybody. Edward John Smith, captain of the Titanic, had it when he said, “Even GOD himself couldn’t sink this ship”.  Now we have a local city official, Dick Dublinski, Director of Public Works, expressing ultimate confidence, in Naperville’s ability to conquer the removal of leaves from city streets. Watch and listen as he puts the City’s reputation on the line:

Those are some extreme statements including:

  • Will not be a problem
  • So confident.
  • So much more efficient.
  • Way more efficient.
  • Don’t see any problems.
  • We’ll handle it all.
  • Very confident

Good for Dublinski. That’s his job. It’s a simple plan, keep one eye on the weather and the other eye on the leaves. That’s genius. The plan can’t fail. It’s not easy keeping one eye each on two things at the same time, but the Naperville city council bought-in to the plan.

The only council member questioning the genius of the plan was Paul Hinterlong. Watch and listen as his words ‘smile’ as if he is thinking “Well Dick if you say so, it must be so…I think”

Nobody questioned if there was a true back-up plan, like maybe using flame throwers on the remaining leaves on the street. And just as Naperville has an “Adopt-A-Drain” program, why not create an army of resident-volunteers called the “Tree Shakers” to shake leaves off trees to speed the process making it more efficient for the ‘Flame Thrower’ brigade. Something, anything, to show residents back-up plans exist.

Confidence is good, however back-up plans are even better.

If you ever want to make GOD laugh, tell HIM your plan.

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