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Most cities don’t have the luxury of dedicating dollars for artwork. Not only does Naperville have the dollars available to do so, they also have the ability to triple the cash outlay quickly, which is causing some council members major concern. The issue is throwing more money to Century Walk, which oversees the artwork and its location. Anybody know where the Dick Tracy statue is located? Anybody know where Jaycee’s Park is located?

Watch and listen to Naperville Mayor Steve Chirico as he wants to increase by $100,000, to the current $50,000 for a total of $150K for Century Walk:

Watch and listen to Naperville councilman Ian Holzhauer as he questions bypassing the previously agreed-upon process and the importance of reviewing the task force recommendation due in October:

If city officials are not going to review the recommendations of the task force, what was the purpose of the task force? It’s an insult to every member of the task force to invest time and effort for no purpose.

Now watch and listen to Naperville councilwoman Teresa Sullivan as she presents a number of questions that need answers:

Finally, watch and listen to Naperville councilman Patrick Kelly as he asks the most important question, “What’s the rush?”

Why the rush? Does anybody want to answer that question? Anybody?

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  1. Gerard Schilling

    These liberal Democrats have the kid syndrome of money burning a hole in their/OUR pockets. They are never happy until they spend us into debt so they can raise our taxes.

    • Jim Haselhorst

      I will remind you that Chirico and his wife are both well established Republicans, who have both spent a lot of personal time and money supporting Republican causes.

      Exactly were are you getting this liberal Democrat BS you are spreading?

    • Naper60540

      Gerald, you have it backwards. It was Mayor Chirico, Councilman Hinterlong, Councilwoman Gustin, Councilman Leong and Councilwoman Taylor who are voted “yes” to bring Century Walk as a city obligation to a vote. Hopefully some of them will vote differently on 8/17.

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