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A Good One Goes, A Good One Comes

Sunday May 2nd was a day of transition for the Naperville city council.  It was inauguration day for the new city council. While three council members said their “good-byes” including outstanding councilman Kevin Coyne, three new members said their “hellos’ including potential outstanding councilman Ian Holzhauer.

Watch and listen to Coyne as he reflects on his time as a council member:

Watch and listen to Holzhauer as he begins his ‘career’ as a council member:

Time will tell how effective Holzhauer will be along with new council members Paul Leong and Jennifer Taylor.

Time will also tell whether or not we may see Kevin Coyne on the city council again, not as one of eight council members, but as a candidate for mayor.

Mayor Steve Chirico is entering his final two years of his second term as mayor, with a possible third term available if he chooses to run again. Much has been accomplished, with much yet to accomplish.

6 thoughts on “A Good One Goes, A Good One Comes”

    1. Hello Mike, if that’s true, and you very well could be correct, that means I get to keep writing Watchdog for another six years. Yikes! I’ll check it out. You’ve been correct on other topics, so this may be another one. Thanks for your ‘heads up’.

    2. I agree. By my count Chirico will only be finishing his second term in two years and the term limitation is three. I also believe there is a very good chance he will run for mayor again in 2 years.

      1. Jim, you are correct as was Mike. In fact, my retraction will be the focus of this weekend’s short posting. Thanks Jim,

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