Winning Election Was Easy, Now The Hard Work Begins

Winning the Naperville city council election was easy, though the losers would likely disagree. To win, candidates only needed to convince about 1 out of every 20 residents to vote for them. To do that, the winners needed some slick mailers, some eye-catching yard signs, maybe an endorsement, a good picture (Krummen dropped the ball on this one), and some general answers to some easy lay-up questions.

Now the hard work begins. The very thing that helped candidates get elected (what they said or what was printed on their mailers) is the very thing that can de-rail them during their term or at re-election time.

Here are a few of the commitments made by the three newly-elected Naperville city council members:

Ian Holzhauer:

  • He wants to bring people together.
  • Will listen to different perspectives.
  • Won’t engage in political posturing.
  • Wants to protect residents against decreased affordability.
  • Wants to restore respect in our community ( I didn’t know we had lost it).
  • Keep Naperville the best family-friendly community in America.

Paul Leong:

  • Promote efficiency in government services.
  • Spend taxpayer money wisely.
  • Protect city reputation as safe and family friendly.
  • Encourage sustainable growth and development.
  • Support diversity and inclusion.
  • Support businesses.
  • Attract telecommuters.
  • Enhance the city’s safety.
  • Support schools, parks, and libraries.
  • Focus on fiscal responsibility.
  • Maintain essential services.
  • Support our police.
  • Oppose high density development in quiet neighborhoods.
  • Lower taxes and put a lid on unnecessary spending.

Jennifer Bruzan Taylor:

  • Help businesses by reviewing ordinances that have negative impact.
  • Protect public safety.
  • Pursue responsible development.
  • Support sustainability .
  • Enhance commercial development.
  • Address traffic issues.
  • Advocate for attainable housing.
  • Create new/public partnership to invest in local business.
  • Remove burdensome red tape and regulations.
  • Work towards unity.
  • Focus on children’s safety.
  • Increase police staff, training, and equipment.

All have lofty goals. However all are vulnerable to being called out as hypocrites if their actions and votes on issues don’t support and match their lofty goals. Campaigning is on thing, delivering is something else.

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