Can Naperville Councilman Paul Hinterlong Get A Little Help

Naperville councilman Paul Hinterlong has been on the city council since 2009. Over that period of time he hasn’t asked for much. Apparently his needs are simple, and his wants are few, just a few pencils and a pad of paper. However, during the February 16 meeting, he did ask for a little help.

You have to understand that Hinterlong is ‘size-challenged’. I’m not talking about being vertically challenged where gravity affects some of us more-so than others, and I’m not talking about being Zoom-challenged, where his head almost fills-up the entire Zoom box.

Watch and listen to Hinterlong as he explains his size-dilemma better than I can:

Now that’s not asking for too much is it? If nothing else, give Hinterlong a scissors and some tape to put the pages together to make them readable, along with a magnifying glass to read the little-print pages when needed.

And when you think about it, why does Hinterlong need to see and read the pages, apparently councilwoman Brodhead doesn’t need to see or read what she is voting for; it seems to work for her.

Hinterlong could also take a little direction on voting from Nancy Pelosi:

And what’s the deal with the picture above his head. I catch myself being preoccupied trying to figure out what the picture is. It looks a little like Custer’s Last Stand at the battle of Little Big Horn, or it could be a goal-line stand of the first Bears/Packers game.

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