Naperville Councilwoman Theresa Sullivan Ignores The Facts

If anyone out there knows an out-of-town thug or two, let them know they have a friend on the Naperville city council. No, it’s not Judy Brodhead, or Patty Gustin, and it’s not John Krummen. It’s who you would think it is, it’s Theresa Sullivan.

Sullivan hasn’t exactly aligned herself with the Naperville police department with recent comments and her positions on voting issues regarding law enforcement. Her ideology has trumped her ability to allow common sense to enter the equation for actions which help protect residents and businesses. She most recently exhibited this far left of clear thinking during the February 2nd city council meeting.

After being a member of the Naperville city council for less than two years, Sullivan presumes to know more about effective policing tactics and policy, than Naperville’s police chief Bob Marshall with years and years of experience.

Sullivan discounts Naperville’s crime stats given by Naperville police chief Bob Marshall, and she states “it would be wise to stop talking about where people are coming from (Cook County) to commit crime in Naperville is not helpful to be inclusive”. This was countered by Naperville Mayor Steve Chirico stating that “putting your head in the sand and ignoring facts that crime is coming from outside the city is a big mistake regarding crime prevention”.

Watch and listen to Sullivan as she struggles to make sense in the lunacy of her own comment:

One has to wonder, when Sullivan says “it’s not helpful to all the things we are trying to do right now, to be inclusive”, if she is more concerned about being ‘inclusive’ for the good folks of Naperville, or for ne’er-do-wells and thugs.

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  1. Joe

    I would like to know how all the council candidates would vote in the police reform bill 163
    I know four how about everyone’s position.

  2. Joe

    How do all the candidates for the Council stand on the police reform bill 163

    • Jim Haselhorst

      HB 163 officially died in the House on January 13,2021. How is a dead piece of legislation that no one in city government had any say in or control over relevant to any of the up coming consolidated elections?

  3. Grant W

    Can the surveys be enhanced to ask if offenders grew up in fatherless homes?

    • watchdog

      Grant, as always, you are focusing on great ideas for solving problems, rather than being PC. Remember, PC first, problem-solving second, and with PC being first, none of us will get to second.

    • So are you saying if you grew up in a fatherless home you should be arrested and held without bail?

  4. Kurt Dorr

    Who elected this idiot? Oh, that’s right the same morons that elected Anne Stava-Murray, and Laura Ellman. Good Lord, Naperville is screwed with this idiots taking over.

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