Naperville Pot Festival, Why Not

If St. Anne, Illinois can have a successful Pumpkin Festival every year, why can’t Naperville have a yearly Pot Festival! Think of the possibilities of transitioning from Family Friendly Naperville to Pot Loving Naperville. Some Illinois city is going to do it, so why not Naperville!

Naperville city officials were a little late getting into the pot business with medical dispensaries, but it didn’t take long to forge ahead with recreational pot dispensaries, and now Naperville  is on the verge of likely going full throttle with adult-use cultivation centers, craft growers, infusion facilities, and transportation companies.

Watch and listen to Naperville Mayor Steve Chirico incorporate the Boy Scout slogan ‘Be Prepared’ as he floats the idea of opening Naperville to a wider range of cannabis businesses:

Now watch and listen to Naperville councilman Kevin Coyne as he implies it might be too soon to open the floodgate:

Naperville councilwoman Judy Brodhead tosses a hand grenade in Coyne’s direction, with the words ‘assumption’, ‘causation vs correlation’, a ‘real leap’ and ‘not logical’:

Now watch Coyne set Brodhead straight with facts thereby erasing Brodhead’s comment:

Ultimately the city council will apply the ‘Golden Rule’ to the decision of inviting more pot businesses into Naperville; “he who has the gold, makes the rules’ and the council has the gold”. More pot businesses in Naperville will provide Naperville with even more gold.

Now that Naperville was able to dump Rib Fest and the Last Fling, it created a huge void that a gigantic Pot Festival can fill. There is no limit to what can be done with Pot.

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  1. john

    Judy doesn’t know much about anything. When the medical mj was first being allowed people were going into local medical companies looking for MJ. Spoke to her about the location requirements and she didn’t have a clue. She said I was insulting she. Another person educating our childrens

  2. Steve Chirico

    Correction: The city council voted unanimously to prohibit cultivation facilities and craft grow facilitates in Naperville. Under consideration are transportation companies (dispatch centers/offices) and infusion facilities (commercial kitchens); both of which are pretty benign. IMHO

    • watchdog

      Correction noted. However, it’s just a matter of time for cultivation facilities and graft grow facilities in Naperville to become main-streamed and approved, with the Pot Festival on the horizon. Five years ago would anyone have envisioned recreational pot stores in Naperville.

  3. The Naperville Jaycees have not decide to no longer have the Last Fling. It was canceled this year because of the pandemic not because of anything the city did.

    And the Exchange Club moved Ribfest to Romeoville because of the Park District. Again the city had nothing to do with this happening.

    Finally, cultivation is allowed (as a conditional use) under the same city ordinance that allowed Medical Cannabis back in 2014.

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