Naperville City Council Losing MVP

Michael Jordan, Ernie Banks, Walter Payton; all MVP’s, all gone, but still the best at what they did. It doesn’t mean they weren’t replaced, they were, But the results of their efforts have not been duplicated.

It’s easy to identify MVP’s when they are high profile, not as easy when they are behind the scenes or in support positions. Such is the case with Naperville city council team member, Reggie Lynch. After 20 years of outstanding service with the City of Naperville, all in the position as administrative assistant to the city council, she will be leaving at the end of this month.

Reggie was hired by former mayor Sam Macrane, which may be Macrane’s most important contribution to Naperville. Mayors and council members come and go, and Reggie Lynch has been there to help them all. I’m sure it has not been easy for her to have numerous bosses, (council members, mayors, and city managers) over the years) but she has made it work, like a duck swimming effortlessly over the water, while churning under the water to make things happen.

As the Watchdog (she knows me simply as Bob) for almost ten years, I have had reason to interact with Reggie when I needed clarification or help getting some basic questions answered like any other resident, and she has always exceeded expectations. Always pleasant, always informative, always friendly, and always took the time to help. I never felt as though I was intruding on her time. She was inviting and always made people feel comfortable chatting with her.

To say that she has been a tremendous asset to the City of Naperville and its residents is an understatement. I wish her good health and happiness as she moves along.

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  1. Joe McElroy

    Well said. Same goes for Emy Trotz, who also is retiring.

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