Naperville Mayor Steve Chirico On A Losing Streak

What do the Chicago Bears, Houston Astros and Naperville Mayor Steve Chirico have in common? They all have lost four in a row. The Bears have lost their last four games, the Houston Astros lost their last four home World Series games, and Mayor Chirico has been on the losing end of his last four big city council votes including Old Nichols Library, Fifth Avenue Development, Selling recreational marijuana in Naperville, and the wording for the non-binding referendum re: selling recreational marijuana. You could say he’s on a roll, downhill and increasing speed. To say he needs a winner is an understatement.

He appears to be taking it in stride, yet there was a nine-second ‘moment’ during the October 15 meeting immediately after his fourth defeat (wording for non-binding marijuana referendum) when you could hear the  following:

So exactly what was the mayor feeling? It could have been exasperation, a feeling of irritation or annoyance. Or more likely it was resignation, the acceptance of something undesirable or inevitable. He gave it his best shot with his best swing, but the ball landed on the warning track, a few feet short of a winning home run, and the game was over. One more biscuit for breakfast, one more favorable vote, and the losing streak would have been over.

Maybe like Bear and Astro fans, the mayor can hope for a better result in the next game. Sooner or later it has to happen. It did for the Cubs in 2016. The difference is Mayor Chirico doesn’t have 108 years to make it happen.

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