Orchestrated, Not Random, How Did That Happen

Are Naperville city officials becoming more bold, by playing games with Naperville residents, or are residents becoming more bold by calling out city officials? Have you ever wondered, the order in which speakers are selected to speak during public forum, or during specific agenda items? Former mayoral candidate and Naperville resident Jim Haselhorst most likely has thoughts about both those questions.

Watch and listen to Haselhorst as he questions city staff about being first in line to sign-up to speak, but found himself buried behind numerous speakers before being granted his 3-minutes to make his presentation to the council:

He doesn’t get a straight answer other than the online registration to speak does not work, which begs the question, is Naperville’s IT department that inept, or does it only occur when it benefits city officials.

On-line registration to speak may be useless, but the three-minute time clock to cut off residents while speaking about issues that city officials might not want to hear is fully operational:

When determining whom speaks, and when, it appears that the City of Naperville employs the ‘Golden Rule’ which is he who has the gold makes the rules, and the city has the gold. According to Haselhorst it appears the method used may be orchestrated, rather than random or sequential. If that’s the case, then who is doing the orchestrating? Who is the ‘Wizard of Speakers’ sitting behind the curtain pulling the strings?

Why not keep it simple and make a rule that everyone understands; alphabetical order according to size, unless it’s a full moon, and then it’s on the count of three, the first one up to the podium gets to speak.

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  1. Gerard Hubert Schilling

    I’m shocked that politicians and bureaucrats reporting to them would orchestrate pro and con communications, support or objections to THIER policies, programs or procedures.

    My bigger concern is some of them will and have lied about the above i.e. Smart meters, city computer hacking, etc.

    Being humans they are susceptible to the 7 deadly sins like we all are. Transparency and accountability is the only thing that keeps everyone honest. Good for you Jim for calling them out on this item.

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