Jun 082019

Lawmakers in Springfield are giddy, with their decision to legalize recreational marijuana sales in Illinois. They couldn’t be happier, tripping over each other to get their pictures taken after the vote to free the weed and plant the seed. But now Naperville city officials could be a buzzkill as they consider whether or not the Naperville city council  will opt out approving the retail sales of cannabis.

Naperville city council members Kevin Coyne and Patty Gustin hosted a panel discussion regarding the burning issue. Coyne and Gustin are the ‘odd couple’; one is focused, the other one is discombobulated. The ‘focused’ one’s last name rhymes with ‘coin’ as in quarter, as in ‘quarter-ounce’. The panel discussion was titled, ‘It’s not your mama’s marijuana’. Apparently Coyne’s and Gustin’s mamas were a lot different than my mama. Any money left over in the Watchdog household after paying bills was used for food, and a 10-cent double-stick popsicle on Saturdays.

It’s possible that city officials could give a thumbs-down to selling Ganja in Naperville, which means that folks would have to drive a short distance to a neighboring town to get their fix, but that wouldn’t be a problem for the good folks of Naperville, since a hefty number already do that to buy gas, since Naperville city officials jacked up the sales tax on fuel a few years ago. Family-friendly Napervillians could go for a family outing to the next town over, for a fill-up on gas while stopping for a fill-up of recreational weed. Whatever money saved could be used towards the kids tuition.

However, if city officials decide to allow the sale of marijuana in Naperville, that could be the answer to all the empty store fronts. Think of the possibilities. Naperville city officials would no longer have to be concerned about a string of car washes along Ogden Avenue. It might be a good time to invest in Bic lighters.

  3 Responses to “Marijuana Sales In Naperville, A Joint Effort”

  1. Based on the latest voting records of Napervillians they already are weedheads so it doesn’t matter.

  2. What is getting over looked in all this discussion is that Naperville already has a medical marijuana dispensary. So marijuana has already come to Naperville!!!

    The new law gives this dispensary the legal right to sell to the public starting January 1st 2020. So unless the Naperville City Council is planning on passing and ordinance that would violate the legal rights of this dispensary (under the new law), all this discussion is moot.

    And if the City Council does pass such an ordinance it would only result in the entire legal recreational marijuana industry providing our local dispensary with all the funds and support they need to get an injunction stopping enforcement of this ordinance and eventually a court ruling against the city; since letting such an ordinance stand would set a dangerous legal precedents for this industry.

    So again not sure what all this talk is accomplishing other then providing these two council members with a platform to start campaigning for elected office beyond city council.

  3. Remember that Naperville doesn’t have an alcohol problem as people drink in Aurora and are pulled over while driving through Naperville to get to Lisle.

    The best way to prevent a sale is to tax it to death. Remember there was no carry out alcohol sales in downtown…unless Walgreens would change their business practices. At the end of the day, the almighty tax dollar will have the loudest voice. Drink up, smoke up, drop out!

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