Councilwoman Judy Brodhead Perturbed By Being Outed

For most Naperville council members, listening to residents is not a favorite part of city council meetings. It slows the process down. It’s even worse, when a knowledgeable resident shines a bright light on a topic some council members would prefer to remain in the inky shadows of the municipal center,

Enter Naperville resident Jim Hall to speak for 38-seconds, just enough time to irritate Judy Brodhead by outing her for taking a ‘second bite of the apple’, when one is sufficient. Watch and listen to Jim Hall as he questions why a council member should vote twice on the same issue; one vote as a member of a board or commission, and another vote as a member of the city council.

Council member Patrick Kelly was also mentioned, however he is new to the dais, still learning where his seat is located, and deserves a mulligan on this one. However, Brodhead knew exactly what she was doing, so it should come as no surprise to her. It’s her last term in office, so she has been pulling this stunt for quite some time.

Kudos for councilman Kevin Coyne for supporting Hall’s comment by stating his position on the matter. Brodhead, rather than remaining quiet, appeared to be irritated by Coyne’s comment.

Brodhead had the right to remain silent, but she didn’t have the ability, much like the Church Lady on  SNL’s ‘Church Chat’.

The last name city council members want to see on the “speaker’s list” is Jim Hall, which happens to be the first name Watchdog wants to see on the “speaker’s list”.

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  1. James Haselhorst

    This has been a practice of Naperville city government as far back as I can remember. The mayor as the liquor commissioner gets a vote on the liquor board as its head and again mayor and head of city council. Not sure why Mr Hall has decided to suddenly take exception to this practice. Is he perhaps personally involved in the issue that Brodhead is voting on?

    It is interesting that his choice this time and to target Brodhead. I can not think of a single incumbent member of city council during the last election that has not been guilty of doing this at least once during the tenure on city council.

    • Jim Hill

      While the mayor is the liquor commissioner, by city ordinance the mayor is not a voting member of the liquor commission. Mayor Chirico noted during the council discussion that he does not vote on matters before the liquor commissions. The city ordinances are very specific about whether or not a council member assigned to a board or commission is a voting member. Of the 23 city boards and commissions, only 2 have a city council member as a voting member.

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