Naperville City Council 2019 Election, Awards And Observations

Best Of The Worst Award – Bruce Hanson came in 5th place, while the top four were elected to the city council.

Best Yard Sign Ever – ‘My Man Mitch’ elected governor of Indiana in 2005 – 2013, now the President of Purdue University. No originality with Naperville city council candidates, hence none qualified.

Second Best-looking Yard Sign – Steve Chirico’s navy blue and whiter-than-white, with a red check mark; simple, crisp, easy to read and name spelled correctly.

Sore Loser Award – Mayoral candidate Rocky Caylor, still hasn’t officially conceded.

I Could Have Been Elected Award goes to Rebecca Obarski when she lost her support base.

Worst Colored Yard Sign – Rocky Caylor, pea soup green and cement gray.

Oversized Yard Signs not abiding by city ordinance – Rocky Caylor.

I Can’t Wait For This Candidate Forum To Be Over Award goes to Bruce Hanson.

Projected last candidate to remove campaign yard signs – Patty Gustin.

Most difficult yard signs to remove – Rocky Caylor, support posts will need fork lift to remove from ground.

Most yard signs in one location – everybody everywhere.

I Can’t Believe I’m Still On The City Council Award goes to Judy Brodhead.

Number of candidates who knocked on my door – zero, none, nada, zilch, zippity do da.

Number of mailers received – I’m still counting them.

‘Who gets the campaign yard signs’ is a tie between Barbara O’Meara and Nancy Turner.

I’ve Got To Get Out Of Here Award goes to Kevin Coyne who wants to run for the Dupage County Board.

Candidate sending the most mailers – Brad Miller.

Candidate sending the same mailer the most times – Brad Miller

Best and Worst Strategy – Barbara O’Meara and Nancy Turner. They shared the same email, shared the same signs, said the same thing and both lost. If you added their votes together, it wouldn’t be enough for either to get elected.

Best and worst television coverage of election – NCTV17. The best because it was the only coverage. The worst because the host looked as comfortable as a fish out of water, and the analyst Kenn Miller because he still has two ‘n’s in his first name. The second ‘n’ is silent.

Biggest show of disrespect to candidates – NCTV, because they seldom showed vote totals for O’Meara, Turner, and McElroy

Most underused color for yard sign – Gustin’s Orange.

Most vanilla candidate – Brad Miller.

Candidate with the worst answer to a best question – Bruce Hanson (evaluate current city council leadership).

Least controversial candidate – Brad Miller.

Losing candidate who could have been a welcome addition to council – Whitney Robbins.

‘Whatever happened to Joe Award’ goes to Joe McElroy.

Most controversial candidate – Barbara O’Meara (white privilege, and taxing water sprinklers).

Candidate using Chicago-style politics to enter into Naperville politics – Rocky Caylor.

‘Shouldn’t There Be A Hyphen Award’ goes to Michele Hilger Clemen.

Elected candidate most likely to leave little to no impact on Napervillians – Theresa Sullivan.

Candidate most likely to request a straw vote – Patty Gustin.

The ‘Plus 600 Vote Award’ goes to Steve Chirico.

The ‘What Was He Thinking Award’ goes to Bruce Hanson.

The “Who’s Rocky Award’ goes to Rocky Caylor.

The ‘What Was The Deal With The Pie Award’ goes to Joe McElroy

The ‘Attaperson Award’, formerly known as the ‘Close But No Cigar Award’ (goes to the candidate who received the 5th most votes for council. – Bruce Hanson.

‘Big Spender Award’, to the candidate most likely to introduce the most costly regulations – Barbara O’Meara.

The ‘Gum On Your Shoe On A Hot August Day Award’ for a sitting council member is a tie between Patty Gustin and Paul Hinterlong.

Most abstinent candidate, for the candidate with the highest number of votes in which they abstain because of conflict of interest – Would have been Becky Anderson but decided not to run when her base of support disintegrated.

The ‘Forget About It Award’ goes to the candidate/council member most closely resembling a Chicago alderman in his/her actions – tie between Rocky Caylor and John Krummen.

Candidate reading their answers without eye contact – It’s a tie between Patty Gustin and Paul Hinterlong.

The ‘I Just Needed Another 6,000 Votes To Get Elected Award’ goes to Joe McElroy.

Candidate/council member trying to find a problem that doesn’t exist – It’s a tie between Barbara O’Meara and Benny White.

The ‘I Came In 2nd Place Award’ goes to Rocky Caylor.

The ‘I No Longer Need To Sit At The End Of The Dais Award’ is a tie between John Krummen and Benny White.

The ‘Judy Brodhead Award’ for a sitting council member who needs to go away – Paul Hinterlong (too long in council)

The ‘Furstenau Award’ given to the candidate/council member requesting city staff to do needless work – Patty Gustin.

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  1. jimmy

    The incumbent mayor barely won with only 13% voting in naperville. amazing that the city of lights has so many dopes

  2. Angel

    Kevin Coyne should take Chirico with him when he leaves.

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