How About A Standing Ovation For Naperville Councilman Kevin Coyne

It seems whenever a Naperville city official, other than Mayor Steve Chirico, is needed to take a strong, assertive, stand on a controversial issue, it’s Naperville city councilman Kevin Coyne. He did it again during the February 5th city council meeting, when he in no uncertain terms called for the resignation of newly elected Democrat, Anne Stava-Murray representing the 81st District in the Illinois House.

In less than two months after being elected, Stava-Murray celebrated her victory by insulting a huge chunk of her constituency when she stood by a Facebook comment she posted responding to an individual who called Naperville residents ‘bullies and horrible people’. Stava-Murray apologized to the writer commenting ‘Naperville’s ‘history of white supremacist policies is ongoing’. Apparently Stava-Murray is determined to be a one-term elected official. Comments like that may work for politicians in California or Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s, D-NY’s 14th District, but highly unlikely it will work here.

In a statement by Councilman Coyne, he said, “Her actions are the most disgusting that I have ever seen from an elected official” and that “she has made vile comments against the very people she was elected to represent.

Watch and listen to councilman Coyne as he states Stava-Murray:

  • Took rhetoric to a new low
  • Stated Naperville is a racist city further suggesting that Naperville has leanings toward white supremacy
  • Continues to echo dangerous comments
  • Alienated herself from both sides of the aisle
  • Leveled the worst of insults against the very people in her very own district
  • Has no chance that she will effectively represent our community
  • And it’s clear that Stava-Murray should resign

Stava-Murray made her situation even worse, when rather than throwing the shovel away after digging herself into a hole, she doubled down and continued digging a deeper hole by saying that Coyne can not ‘shame and blame’ her for his ‘own political gain’. She continued, ‘I am the elected official and you need to get over the fact that we’re more Democrat than Republican now’.

Stava-Murray announced plans to run for the U.S. Senate in 2020 against Dick Durbin. Representative today, Senator in 2020, and why not President in 2024. Let her keep her shovel.

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  1. Ann

    Bravo to Kevin Coyne who has taken that first step of opposition at a high level of representation of targeting a Representative who is way out of line and following in the threads of Kamala Harris, Ocasio the Great, Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, Warren (Massachusetts), Feinstein, et al. Representation in female form has taken on a new image for some time in that “power of position flatters the ego”. They miss the message, but focus more on their power to persuade. Some come poorly prepared, ill informed, undocumented, self indulgent, perpetual media attention grabbing and a well disguised motive and intention of something far more sinister than imagined. The underlying intent to turn major communities, cities, schools, entertainment, film production, musical compositions, religions into a iconic movement of the inner and outer facial structure of the U.S. to absorb a whole new dimension of function and development. This goes far deeper in realizing that the heritage of those from other countries, far outreaching and un developed government of sorts,…………is to gradually take over what has been created, established and nurtured in the U.S. will soon be a hierarchy of the past. Governing to them is “take over”. Feeling in enormous numbers, they will succeed handily. There must begin a strong movement to push this type of representation back and to eventually remove them from their gilded thrones and some…………barbaric and evil enforcement. The future has no room for new families to embellish their lives with non sensible laws and rapid depletion of funds to prove a point that leads us further into debt. Anyone want to vote for a high speed train from Chicago to the suburbs in 15 min. ? I won’t. Ann

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