Moser Tower; More Studies, More Expense, Less Direction

It’s becoming a yearly event in Naperville, conducting more studies, with more expense, for city officials to figure out what to do with Moser Tower, which houses the Carillon. Watchdog has done a few postings about the Tower and its bells (The Carillon) during the past few years, and nothing has really changed.

In a nutshell, Moser Tower is falling apart. It could happen tomorrow, or it may take a hundred years, but this much is known for sure, it’s coming down sooner or later. What Naperville city officials don’t know is what to do about it. Do they want to repair it at an estimated cost of upwards $4 million, do they want to patchwork it with a repair here or there, or just simply tear it down, and sell tickets to the event during 4th of July festivities. Some well placed sticks of dynamite would make it a 4th to remember. I can see the marketing opportunity for city officials; “Naperville’s 4th of July celebration, nothing like it in any other town. Bring the kids, and your hard hats.”

The estimate to demolish is about $660,000. Considering the Carillon has 72 bells, if city officials could auction and sell each bell for $9,166.67, that would cover the cost of demolishing with 24 cents left over. Ticket sales would be clear profit. Rather than continuing to hire consulting companies (two companies totaling $168,000 over the last two years) providing no clear direction, simply hire a marketing company at a fraction of the cost, and be done with it.

Chances are city officials already know what they want to do with the tower which is to keep it at all cost. No city official wants to take the responsibility of making the wrong decision. Hence more studies, more expense, and less direction.

If they let it collapse, then an ‘autopsy’ of sorts would confirm what studies have been unable to do, which is to determine what the problem was. However, sticks of dynamite would take everybody off the hook, while creating a memory that would last a lifetime.

Let the auction begin, do we have a bid on a bell?

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  1. Gerard H Schilling

    The bell is a metaphor for the rot and blotted government that Naperville has over the years become. What made Naperville great was schools run by locals who actually cared about the welfare of our kids and their futures based on core values that once made our city and country great.

    Politicians who actually believed in patriotism and the good of our citizens over the welfare and concerns of illegals and wagon riders over our tax payers. Their motto use to be less government is more because it let people benefit from their labors versus redistributing their hard earned income via the social justice BS to non-deserving parasites. Basically it was and is buying votes and fixing elections to keep the cabal in power.

    When asked for whom the bells tool they toll for us by continuing to elect and appoint those folks who are and have been bankrupting our city ,county and state. You have a choice right now. Continue to be robbed or change course instead of having to move out of state because you can no longer afford to live here.

  2. Jim Haselhorst

    Actually the latest study has been completed and the determination is that the tower is structurally sound. None of the structural elements of the tower have been compromised or deteriorated. The deterioration is to the cosmetic and functional elements. So the tearing down the tower option is off the table.

    The questions now are: How much will it cost to repair of replace what has deteriorated? Should the funds be spent on the Tower? Were should the funds come from? Should the originally designed outer protective facade be placed to protect these areas of the tower once they are fixed?

    This protective facade was cut for budgetary reasons from the original construction by city council leaving areas designed to be protected from the elements exposed to the elements resulting in the present deterioration (the implication being if the repairs are made and the facade is not place then this situation will occur again in another 15-20 years).

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